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Reviews by @mystycreek

Glen Grant 16 Year Old

Speyside's Kiwi Glen Grant 16 Year Old

Glen Grant is top five selling scotch in the world. Their best seller is NAS, which was normally served as aperitif or mixer, maybe that's why it's rarely discussed by whisky fans. Recently they redes…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek5 years ago 2 285

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old

Peated Old Rum Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old

I was tasting some miniatures with my younger brother a few days ago, we were sharing some ideas and my brother said he doesn't get that why everybody is drinking Johnnie Walker and it's overrated. So…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek5 years ago 3 491

Jack Daniel's Original (No.7)

Maple Wood Liqueur Jack Daniel's Original (No.7)

Jack Daniel may be the most famous American whisky brand, and its No.7 the most available American whisky in the world. But in the whisky world being this common always means it's for the mass market,…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek5 years ago 0 370

Blanton's Gold Edition

Golden Sand, Golden Hair Blanton's Gold Edition

When I was traveling in Japan last February, I have visited a few liquor stores in Tokyo, some of them have tasting for very cheap fee, so I tried a few scotch, cognac and Japanese whisky. I knew very…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek5 years ago 6 191

Talisker 2000 Distillers Edition

Sirens' Call Talisker 2000 Distillers Edition

Talisker DE 2000 is an 11 year-old whisky which aged in ex-bourbon cask and finished in amoroso sherry(aka cream sherry) cask for a few months, this is a 20cl bottle which has been opened for 6 months…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek5 years ago 3 390

Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Cask

Hot Fuzz Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Cask

Cask no. B090916030A / Bottle no. 127/195 / ABV: 57.1%Thanks to my brother, he purchased this bottle in a local market's clearance sale, and kindly left it to me. This bottle has been opened for about…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek5 years ago 1 086

Nikka Coffey Grain

Kagemusha Nikka Coffey Grain

Bought this bottle at Narita International Airport during the trip in Japan. Nikka Coffey Grain is a single grain distilled in Coffey stills and mainly made of corn. This bottle has been opened for 9…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek5 years ago 2 284

Bushmills 16 Year Old 3 Wood

Red-Haired Sweetie Bushmills 16 Year Old 3 Wood

It's a 50ml sample given by a friend, I forgot to ask when was the bottle opened. This whisky is triple-distilled single malt which is aged in three types of casks: oloroso, bourbon and port wine. Nose…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek5 years ago 2 987

Talisker 10 Year Old

Cornerstone of islands Talisker 10 Year Old

Not quite sure about Talisker before tasted it. Some say it's classic, others say it's over-hyped. Since it's my first date with Talisker, I picked the 3 pack gift set(3x20cl), which is definitely worth…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek5 years ago 1 488