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Old Crow

Best drinking Bourbon Hands down! Old Crow

A product that has been with us since 1835. Mark Twain and Hunter S. Thompson loved this bourbon. I love this bourbon, and you will too. The price point is excellent, but do not let that fool you. Old…

@icefrogBy @icefrog9 years ago 0 4100

Buffalo Trace

Take me to where the Buffalo Trace roams! Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace, Warehouse I, Barrel 103 Buffalo Trace Distillery Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Warehouse I Barrel No. 103 "Personally Selected by A.J. of Liquor Mart" (located in Boulder, CO) 45% (90…

@TheMainBy @TheMain9 years ago 0 185

Bulleit Bourbon

A rye smile Bulleit Bourbon

With a rye content of 30% by volume, Bulleit Bourbon has the highest such proportion of rye among any bourbon. This makes it sharper than competitors. A slightly honey-sweet nose and lasting, oaky finish…

@MikeBy @Mike9 years ago 0 080

Hudson Four Grain Bourbon

Expensive but yummy ;) Hudson Four Grain Bourbon

I will start with the bottle a short, stout bottle with a simple label. Bottle is clear in color so you can see the remarkable dark gold spirit inside. It is corked and covered with a wax cap that is a…

@Bourbon_JarheadBy @Bourbon_Jarhead9 years ago 0 295

Stranahan's Colorado

Bottled while listening to Nick Drake Stranahan's Colorado

This warmed my soul. It did not last long at all, maybe a weekend between a friend and I?It's nose was inviting, although it was my first time, it had such a sense of familiarity, it compared to the…

@nickithepBy @nickithep9 years ago 0 1095