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Booker's Small Batch Bourbon

Cook the Books Booker's Small Batch Bourbon

Booker's, from the Beam family of distillers, is quite possibly the finest whiskey I have ever tasted--large or small batch. The taste is so finely honed, so clean and so smooth that you won't realize…

@willhaasBy @willhaas9 years ago 0 295

Buffalo Trace

Should be called Buffalo Piss Buffalo Trace

Tried at a whiskey tasting. Strong nose and hard on the palate. I was talking to guys that work for me about it and one tried it and liked it. He says "It'll cure you when you sick!" I guess they misu…

@katmandu69By @katmandu699 years ago 0 35

Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleitproof whiskey Bulleit Bourbon

I'm a a big fan of Bourbon and Bulleit is one of the more accessible options for those who want try something slightly more challenging than the average supermarket bottles without straying too far from…

@jeanlucBy @jeanluc9 years ago 0 881