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Connemara Peated

KWM 2020 Whisky Advent Calendar - Day 6 Connemara Peated

Surprisingly, I've never reviewed this well-known Irish peated malt, though I've always liked it. I did bad review of their now-defunct NAS Turf Mor expression many years ago, but never the standard…

@talexanderBy @talexander about one month ago 6 387

Connemara Peated

All In the Family Connemara Peated

From what I can find online, Connemara is owned by Beam Suntory and is part of the Kilbeggan brand portfolio, er, I mean the Kilbeggan Family. I believe this sample was distilled at the Cooley distillery…

@OdysseusUnboundBy @OdysseusUnbound2 months ago 2 484


Jameson Irish Whiskey Jameson

Entry-level Jameson, no age statement, triple-distilled, aged in sherry and bourbon casks.A pale golden pour that yields sweet and mellow aromas (no noticeable peat here) like vanilla, crème brûlée,…

@huinemanBy @huineman2 months ago 1 052

Waterford Bannow Island Edition 1.1

Tèireoir Waterford Bannow Island Edition 1.1

After Bruichladdich was sold Mark Reynier moved to Ireland and founded the new Waterford Distillery there. His search for terroir goes one. The first releases sold out immediately, but new bottlings are…

@markjedi1By @markjedi14 months ago 1 086

Waterford Ballykilcavan Edition 1.1

Irish Lowland Waterford Ballykilcavan Edition 1.1

Waterford is the new Irish distillery from Mark Reynier, which we all remember from his years at Bruichladdich. His search for terroir – or Tèireoir as he very cleverly put on the label – continues…

@markjedi1By @markjedi14 months ago 2 083

Teeling Sommelier Selection Margaux Wine Cask

Teeling DNA Teeling Sommelier Selection Margaux Wine Cask

Teeling recently launched a new NAS-whiskey in their so-called Sommerlier Selection. It matured on bourbon casks before getting another 18 months in Margaux wine casks. This is a wine that can be found…

@markjedi1By @markjedi14 months ago 0 084

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