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John L. Sullivan

Blended Irish Citrus Bomb John L. Sullivan

John Lawrence Sullivan was an Irish-American pugilist who was a champion of bare-knuckled boxing and of the newer gloved boxing, in the years from 1879 to 1892. His boxing match record was 40 wins, 1…

@VictorBy @Victor about one month ago 3 088

Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Port Finish

The Tropics in a Bottle Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Port Finish

I've had the Tyrconnell 10 Port finish in the cabinet for about a year and what better way to warm up this January then by popping open this mystery dram!Nose: Pears, peaches, a hint of sweet lime and…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg about one month ago 1 082

Teeling Single Grain

Very Attractive Single Grain Teeling Single Grain

Third and final part of my trinity pack of 5cl Teeling bottles. Rumoured to be aged for 5 years with a mash bill said to be 95% corn, 5% barley. Colour is clear golden, oily in the glass.Nose is a sur…

@MuddyFunsterBy @MuddyFunster about one month ago 2 290

Teeling Single Malt

Big Fruity Irish Teeling Single Malt

From a 5cl bottle from the Trinity pack, bought in 2016. This is still from stock bought from Beam when they bought the Cooley distillery and still as advertised from stock aged up to 23 years.Colour is…

@MuddyFunsterBy @MuddyFunster2 months ago 1 790

Teeling Small Batch

Light Young Irish Teeling Small Batch

So this was from a small 5cl Trinity pack. Glass was aired for one hour before tasting. On the colour scale it's a pale light yellow/golden whisky.The nose brings with it the familiar tones of Irish pot…

@MuddyFunsterBy @MuddyFunster2 months ago 0 077

Old Bushmills Mini

No Idea How Long Ago This Was Bottled Old Bushmills Mini

I bought a few minis of Bushmills a while ago, and I'm going to review one of them. It says "Old Bushmills" on the label, and looks like it may have been bottled in the '70s or '80s. I have a bunch more…

@talexanderBy @talexander2 months ago 4 072

Bushmills Malt 21 Year Old Madeira Finish

Emperor of Ireland Bushmills Malt 21 Year Old Madeira Finish

Irish whiskey, with a ‘E’ of course. Matured in Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon casks, before a two year marrying period in Madeira casks. Bottle no: 05938/2014.The Madeira finish is spot on! It works really…

@DutchGaelischBy @DutchGaelisch2 months ago 4 494

Bushmills 16 Year Old 3 Wood

Red-Haired Sweetie Bushmills 16 Year Old 3 Wood

It's a 50ml sample given by a friend, I forgot to ask when was the bottle opened. This whisky is triple-distilled single malt which is aged in three types of casks: oloroso, bourbon and port wine. Nose…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek2 months ago 2 987

Knappogue Castle 16 Year Old

Quality Nose, Bitter Finish Knappogue Castle 16 Year Old

My thanks to @mscottydunc for the reviewed sample. This single malt was distilled at Bushmills Distillery and is aged in both sherry casks and bourbon barrelsNose: rich high-quality re-used wood flavours…

@VictorBy @Victor3 months ago 0 084

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