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Four Roses Single Barrel

Vanilla custard with roses Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses single barrel. Warehouse: MWBarrel: 50 2FFresh bottle, this dram has been sitting out for about 45min while I mounted a TV on the wall...Nose: Very floral. Sweet flower petals. Vanilla custard…

@casualtortureBy @casualtorture5 days ago 3 691

Tincup American Whiskey

A respectable rye Tincup American Whiskey

If I had paid more attention to the label I might have noticed that this mainly consists of "high-rye bourbon" from Indiana. MGP? Most likely, though the whiskies they are known for are not high-rye…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt9 days ago 1 1083

Old Grand Dad 114

Grandad hasn't retired yet Old Grand Dad 114

Old Grandad 114Word on the street was that good ol' JB was considering discontinuing this popular and affordable high proof bourbon. Thankfully that didn't come to fruition. I picked this bottle up in…

@casualtortureBy @casualtorture12 days ago 2 1082

Blanton's Straight From The Barrel

Mildly Burnt Sugars Blanton's Straight From The Barrel

Blanton's Straight from the Barrel is a special release by Buffalo Trace, launched in 1984 by master distiller Elmer T. Lee. It was – at the time – the first single barrel bourbon ever. By now that has…

@markjedi1By @markjedi124 days ago 2 186

Pikesville 6 Year Old 110 Proof Straight Rye

Roaring Oak! Pikesville 6 Year Old 110 Proof Straight Rye

Six years seems young, but for an American whiskey, that is already quite well matured. This Pikesville is a straight rye whiskey, which means the main ingredient is rye, in this case upholstered with…

@markjedi1By @markjedi124 days ago 1 087

A. Smith Bowman John J. Bowman Pioneer Spirit

Broken Branch A. Smith Bowman John J. Bowman Pioneer Spirit

On the day after Prohibition – this is 1934 – the A Smith Bowman distillery was founded on the Bowman Sunset Hill Farms. We are in Virginia. But in February 1988 the brand was taken over by drinks giant…

@markjedi1By @markjedi124 days ago 0 082

Hartfield & Co. Bourbon

Pay the Bills Hartfield & Co. Bourbon

We are in Paris, Kentucky, where Andrew and Larissa Buchanan founded the craft distillery Hartfield & Co in 2013. For their bourbon they use 19% rye and 19% malted barley; the remaining 62% is corn. They…

@markjedi1By @markjedi124 days ago 0 070

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