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Forty Creek Heart of Gold

Game on! Forty Creek Heart of Gold

Although I rarely get to Forty Creek whiskies now that there are so many open bottles in my cabinet, and I’ve been more preoccupied with Wiser’s / Corby’s on the Canadian front, this is probably my…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan yesterday 2 390

The Winter Queen Batch 2

Lavender Syrup The Winter Queen Batch 2

You may remember the first release of The Winter Queen, a so-called fusion whisky from Adelphi (Scotch mixed with a Dutch whisky) from March 2018. It was so successful that a second batch was produced…

@markjedi1By @markjedi13 days ago 1 088

Kavalan Distillery Reserve Rum Cask

Sensation Kavalan Distillery Reserve Rum Cask

When I visited the Taiwan in January 2019, I brought two Distillery Reserve releases from the Kavalan Distillery: a Peaty Cask and a Rum Cask. The Peaty Cask stayed in Belgium, the Rum Cask went to…

@markjedi1By @markjedi116 days ago 0 086

Gibson's Finest 12 Year Old (Distilled 1971)

Old vs. New Gibson's Finest 12 Year Old (Distilled 1971)

I picked up this old bottling at auction (distilled the year of my birth!) Let's see how it compares to the current bottling.The colour is a pale gold. On the nose a light caramel with a wisp of wood…

@talexanderBy @talexander23 days ago 4 886

Gooderham & Worts Eleven Souls

Collective Soul Gooderham & Worts Eleven Souls

I previously reviewed this whisky but it was just based upon my initial impressions from Spirit of Toronto, this is after spending some time with the bottle I purchased.Gooderham & Worts is one of the…

@cricklewoodBy @cricklewood2 months ago 6 488

Alberta Premium

Good but not Premium Alberta Premium

I bought and opened this 200 cc bottle in 2011 or 2012, after watching a Ralfy review. I tried it a few times, most notably when I first tasted samples of AP 25 and 30 (courtesy @Paddockjudge) in pre…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan2 months ago 3 382

Amrut Greedy Angels

Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 58 Amrut Greedy Angels

On October 10, 2013, the following review on All Things Whisky rocked the whisky world:http://www.allthingswhisky.com/?p=1947This was a review of, at the time, the rarest Amrut whisky ever released. At…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan2 months ago 7 090

J.P Wiser's Red Letter

Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 56 J.P Wiser's Red Letter

I know this will review will be tagged as July 2, but it’s still July 1 in Toronto. I just got back from a quick trip to Calgary to celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of my wife arriving in Canada…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan2 months ago 5 188

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