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San Graal 5 Year Old

Bénédictine San Graal 5 Year Old

The brewery De Graal in Brakel (Belgium) – active since 2002 – is best known for its lovely beers-on-demand. Clubs, companies or restaurants can have their own recipe brewed into their own beer. But…

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August 17th  Brutus 5 Year Old 2012

Cough Syrup August 17th Brutus 5 Year Old 2012

This Brutus is a single cask release at cask strength of this ‘Belgian’ single malt August 17th. It matured for 5 years (the ‘regular’ August 17th only 3 years). I have put Belgian in parentheses as this…

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Skot’Tiche Pure Malt

Waste of Money Skot’Tiche Pure Malt

In 2016 5 friens from Gembloux (Belgium) - Thierry, Ludo, Gwen, Laurent and Pascal – got together with the plan to launch a Belgian whisky. They used Crowdfunding and in December 2016 reached their goal…

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Zuidam 5 Year Old 2013 Peated PX

Diesel Oil Zuidam 5 Year Old 2013 Peated PX

Millstone does not appear on my radar very often, to be honest. This is only my third! Anyway, this Dutch whisky is peated and matured on a first fill PX cask. It was bottled by Patrick and his team for…

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Beek Dutch Premium Blend

Dutch Blend Beek Dutch Premium Blend

Jan Beek has been enchanted by distilled spirits for decades. So much so that he decided to go pro last year and launch his own brand ‘BEEK’. His portfolio contains quite a lot: bitters, gin, rum, geneva…

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Cley Rye & Malt Cask Strength

Syrupy Cley Rye & Malt Cask Strength

Cley from Rotterdam – founded in 2015, which explains why the product only sees the light of day now – will start the production of their own biological single malt as of October 2018. But I enjoy their…

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Cley Rye & Malt

Fresh Fig Cley Rye & Malt

A new Dutch distillery has emerged: Cley. The distillery can be found in the heart of Rotterdam. Their whisky is produced from a malt and rye based 17th Century recipe. It is triple distilled and then…

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