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anCnoc 22 Year Old

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anCnoc 22 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: anCnoc
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 46.0%
  • Age: 22 year old

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anCnoc 22 Year Old

In 1892 John Morrison purchased the knock estate, the surrounding area was full of peat and barley, and within a stones throw of the Great North Railway. When natural springs of pure, clear water water were found John Morrison sized his oppertunity, once samples had been analysed John began negotiating with the Distillers Company of Edinburugh to build his distillery. Within 2 years in 1894 John Morrison opened the doors of the Knockdhu distillery.. The Ancnoc 22yo has been predominately matured in American oak, ex bourbon casks as well as Spanish oak, ex sherry butts. This was bottled at 46%abv.. image Nose.. A refreshing sweetness rises from the glass with hints of toffee, honey and caramel, fresh apples with distinct citrus notes, some nice dried fruit aromas cling onto a dark chocolate and ground coffee note before letting a subtle floral scent escape.

Palate.. Straight away you get a smack of spice, cinnamon and ginger coat the tounge, more citrus notes and candied orange and a little lemon have their say. Liquorice and bitter chocolate mingle with honey and vanilla before a subtle hint of coconut takes a turn to be noticed, the most delicate smoke infused oak note pops in right at the end.

Finish.. Refreshingly long and spicy..

Thoughts.. Sometimes when you pick up a whisky at this age you just expect it to be good, sometimes your right, sometimes a little dissapointed, and sometimes you just think wow.. This malt falls into the ” now that is pretty dam good. From the very first sniff you get quality, the liquid is extremely fresh and very inviting, the palate just continues your journey, and long after finishing it you are still thinking of it.. This is a very good and enjoyable malt, it deserves a place on your shelf..



A 20th-anniversary gift from the missus, this one. We cracked open the bottle last night and toasted with a couple of drams, and then decided to put the bottle away for our next anniversary. I confess that I snuck another pour to write this review tonight, and I’m glad I did. I liked it 24 hours ago, but it seems even tastier now. Perhaps because my mind is more on whisky tonight than it was last night. ;-)

An Cnoc 22 yo is aged primarily in American bourbon casks, with some two-year Spanish Oloroso sherry casks used as well. The result is a more rich, round, and complex dram than its younger Knockdhu kin, although it still retains that characteristic easy-sipping An Cnoc lightness. No caramel coloring, non-chill-filtered, and bottled at 46% ABV.

Nose: A fruit market where everything’s been picked just this morning. So many fruits, it’s hard to distinguish amongst them, although apples dominate and lemons lurk in the background. There are plenty of other nice and unique things going on as well: creamy cocoa, mead (as opposed to mere honey), caramel, a trace of sherry, and some souvenirs from the bourbon casks: pepper, cinnamon, and corn. I think I get a little tea and leather as well, both of which help balance the sweetness and spice. There’s some oak, to be sure, but less than expected from a 22-year-old whisky. A superb nose.

Palate: I’m not surprised to be let down after that nose, but the disappointment is slight. The flavors are much the same as the aromas, if more polite than I’d like ’em. Maybe a little more oak. Tasty but tame. The long finish is a big rebound, however. Still many of the same flavors as the oak and spices take center stage, well-supported by the fruits and honey. Tea and tannins at the tail end to close things out with a drying effect that’s very fitting.

In all, An Cnoc 22 is one to nose forever, taste briefly, and then allow the finish to work its long-lasting magic. I’d feel more comfortable recommending it if it was at least $50 cheaper, but I’d never accuse my wife of wasting money on this one. If I notice changes over time, I’ll post my thoughts in the comments section—but that’ll have to wait until next October.

Glad you snuck a dram for the review! Sounds pretty good. The nose is oh-so-often the best part of a dram, so I'm not surprised to see it play out that way with the anCnoc 22. Sadly, I've only had the pleasure of trying the standard 12 and 16 so far.

Seems anCnoc continues with the "fruit basket" theme - not a bad way to go at all, in my opinion. Cheers, and "Happy anCnocversary" indeed!

@systemdown - Imagine the 16 yo with a little more complexity, more fruit variety, a little more oak, and some of the rough edges smoothed, and you'll get the idea. If you can imagine that, that is.

@rigmorole - How so?


Nose: sweet with some pear, vanilla, sweet and warm wood with some sour notes too: lemon, unripe green apple peel, spice. After some time getting some butterscotch.

Palate: oily and viscous feel to it. Starting its sweet malty, caramel ( the good caramel , right? no worries whisky geeks.) spicy. Cereals and sandalwood. Sweeter with some sherry notes , almonds and vanilla and traces of lemon and ripe oranges and some oak: not too much but quite noticeable, and adds a lovely dimension to it all.

Finish: Polished oak, Semi-sweet sultanas and hint of prune.

One of the best OB anCnocs I’ve ever had. it’s really a notch better than the 16 and the vintages to date. good work, and now it’s high on my wish list for purchases for this year. Highly recommended.

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