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anCnoc 1996

Average score from 2 reviews and 2 ratings 87

anCnoc 1996

Product details

  • Brand: anCnoc
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 46.0%

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anCnoc 1996

Apart from the 12yo and anCnoc 16yo, there’s always a vintage in the core range (around 14 years old).

anCnoc 1996 (46%, OB 2011)

Nose: clean but definitely more sherried than the 12yo or 16yo – especially more nutty notes (hints of peanut butter). There a dry and slightly musty side to it, but there’s still honey and garden fruits from the bourbon casks (nice red apples, peaches). Vanilla. Pollen. Over time it shows a little mocha and toffee. Quite assertive as well.

Mouth: sweet to start, then developing a unique fruitiness (pears, a little raspberry). Creamy mouthfeel. Slightly candied (lokum). Demarara sugar. Again a few nutty hints. Some fruit tea and soft spices.

Finish: quite long, drier with a spicy kick and citrus notes.

This is simply a well-made malt – the best of the current range in my opinion although the 12yo is better value for money. They may not cause a lot of fuss, but anCnoc makes high-quality no-nonsense whisky.

Ruben, For me it is due to the nuttiness more of a wintery dram, but hey, taste differs and we both seem to like it as our scores are almost the same. But I have a question for you : What do you mean by the colour = Chardonnay ? In my humble opinion Chardonnay isn't a colour, but either a grape or a type of wine, both of which can vary in colour (for exemple grape: unripe to overripe; the wine : young metal cask matured to old(er) oak cask matured, even the region defines the final colour of the wine) so as a description of a colour it is to me not very usefull. I'm allways struggling with the description of the colour, so what do you think about this discussion ?

I see what you mean, it's full-flavoured but that doesn't make it a winter dram for me. It's more on garden fruits than dry fruits and it lacks spices to call it wintery. Sure it's sherried, but far from heavy sherry in my opinion.


Nose: Wow. I was not expecting this one. Sherry notes, big sherry. Bouillon, robust. sweet. Masculine nose, meaty. very different than it’s 12 year old and even the 16 year old which is closer in age. Some nuts too. how can i say it in one word : Mortlach-y.

Palate: Sweet entry, quite powerful, sherry influence (dry), feels stronger than the 46% ABV this one holds. Nutty, maybe hints of rubber and dark tea.

Finish: Quite spicy,Dry, and long. with some plum / bramble marmalade and bitter cocoa at the very ending.

Bottom line:

This dram caught me off gourd. i was not expecting this meaty sort of Mortlachy sherry profile from AnCnoc, after trying their 12,16 versions which are so different. Having said that, i do like this quite a bit. It’s a lovely companion for a cold winter night (we get very few of those here, but it’s nice to have nearby when we do).

DBK - they used a lot of different sherry casks, for a longer amount of time. both 12 and 16 mainly have ex-bourbon barrels (i think only) and no sherry in them. this one is mostly sherry matured hence the difference.

Indeed. not yet available in the shops. but soon!

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