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Blanton's Gold Edition

Very Moreish

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@Nemesis101Review by @Nemesis101

17th Dec 2015


Blanton's Gold Edition
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Left this to sit in the glass for about half an hour before I even went near it. I've found this whiskey needs considerable breathing time to settle down.

Nose is strong with spicy oak. Massive, massive hit of creamy vanilla. Sweet honey and sandalwood. Intense, but smooth and not at all overpowering.

On the palate there is immense vanilla again. Oakiness very apparent but not quite as sweet as on the nose - although it is still there. Spiciness remains strong however. And it is very creamy and smooth - this is drinking at cask strength too. It does not seem like it's over 50% ABV.

Finish is relatively short and slightly bitter/sweet. But I'm not too experienced with Bourbons so don't really have a benchmark to compare it to.

This is my 3rd bottle of Blanton's Gold and I love it. I'd not seen it this side of the Atlantic for a couple of years so it was brilliant to see The Whisky Exchange offering it again in time for Christmas, (and with a slight price reduction). I do intend to try other Bourbons but I find Blanton's Gold so delicious and moreish that I might be a bit addicted to it. Highly recommended.

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mscottydunc commented

Thanks for the review. The LCBO here is supposed to be getting some of this in after Christmas so I may need to pick up a bottle as it sounds delicious!

8 years ago 0

Victor commented

@Nemesis101, thanks for your very nice review.

@mscottydunc, you would do well to pick up a Blanton's Gold at the LCBO. Blanton's Gold and the Blanton's Straight From The Barrel are not sold in the US unless a vendor has them sent in from abroad. Not only is @Nemesis101's review of BG attractive, but BG now has a 93 point average rating on Connosr, which, if it had a qualifying number of ratings, would put it among the current top ten rated whiskies on Connosr.

So, @Nemesis101, the pond across which you would more likely be finding additional supplies of Blanton's Gold is not the Atlantic Ocean (except for the occasional Canadian bottles) but the English Channel. The only Blanton's Straight From The Barrel which I own was originally purchased from Belgium. Wine-searcher.com shows a lot of vendors with current stock of Blanton's Gold in both Europe and the UK. I've never had a taste of the Blanton's Gold, though some of my Canadian friends own some. I do know the Blanton's Original 46.5% abv, which is the standard one sold in the USA.

8 years ago 0

maltmate302 commented

Nice review, Blanton's is an exceptional whiskey. If you want to get any in the UK you can always find some at Amazon. It's much cheaper to buy it from Europe , I bought a Blanton's Straight From The Barrel for about £40 a few weeks ago.

8 years ago 0

MuddyFunster commented

One of the best I've had this year. Will be getting a second bottle.

8 years ago 0

Mancub commented

I came looking for more info on Blanton's after just tasting the Special reserve. Great review and interesting tip about the breathe time, thank you for sharing.

@mscottydunc I also saw that the LCBO had Blanton's Gold recently added to their site but nothing in-stock? Do you have any more information on when it will be coming/where/quantity? Cheers!

8 years ago 0

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