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Bruichladdich 3D3 Norrie Campbell

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Bruichladdich 3D3 Norrie Campbell

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Bruichladdich 3D3 Norrie Campbell

Named in honour of the last traditional peat cutter on Islay. This malt is apparently made from three vintages, three warehouses and three different peating levels hence 3D3. This also happens to be the third edition of the 3D line which is now defunct (I think).

The spirit is pale and provides strong phenolic smoky fragrance immediately on opening the bottle, very medicinal and quite dry. For those that like this sort of attack on the sinuses it’s blissful, but it’s not abounding in complexity.

A light middleweight in terms of body, but you hardly notice with the smoky phenols attacking your taste buds. A strong smoother peaty medium dry undercurrent is present too along with some salty ozone, flavours of unripe banana and a sweetness the origin of which I can’t pin down to a particular flavour.

The phenols are the dominant influence right through to the finish which is quite long and dry. Not perhaps a drink to enjoy more than one of, but the relentless waves of smoke, phenol and peat are satisfying.


Norrie Campbell was Islay’s last traditional peat cutter. To honor him, Jim McEwan put this Laddie 3D3 together. The name 3D3 has special meaning: 3 ages, 3 types of casks and 3 levels of peat. This is a blended malt (we can no longer say vatted malt) of unpeated Bruichladdich, 40ppm peated Port Charlotte and 80ppm peated Octomore. The casks used were bourbon, sherry and Madeira. Something special, I think.

It is no surprise that you get a nose full of peat. But once past it, I also get candlewax, a light scent of stable and thyme. Underlying also quite a bit of coffee and toffee, lime and apple and finally some marzipan. I’m pleasantly surprised by this complexity.

On the palate, it is again the peat that demands your attention first, with ashes and greasy coal. It is immediately followed by a surprisingly sweet twist of toffee. Feisty on black and red peppers. This is good!

The finish, which is a perfect continuation of the palate, is very long. Memorable!

This whisky is so intens and wonderful that I will not be trying anything else tonight. And it is less than 50 EUR? I daresay, this one is recommended.


Color: Pale gold

Nose: It’s a true laddie in nature when it comes to the fruitiness, but all this is layered below a nice peaty cover. It reminds me quite a bit the Octomore 2.1 nose. I like it.

Mouth : Ashe, Big Peat, but sweeter notes are abundant. You get a very delicious sort of “peaty” lollipop feeling, which is quite interesting. It’s very strong, and peppery.

Finish : Peppery, Ashy, quite long and enjoyable.

This is one of my favorite drams. Last fall I was part of a blind tasting with a group of 8 friends where we each brought along one bottle of whisky. This was the bottle I brought. This one got the most points of them all even though several of the others before hand had said they usually didn't drink smoky/peaty whisky.

This one is one I will definitely boy another bottle of before they disappear.

I'm yet to try any Bruichladdichs, and reviews like this make my wallet start to get nervous... ;)


Nose: like hanging over a chimney: big, powerful peat as you could expect. Burnt vanilla. Freshened up with some lovely notes of green apple juice and citrus. A bit grainy with hints of dry straw. Really dense and dark peat. Mouth: ashes, coal, peat smoke and sweet toffee. Big. Sweeter than on the nose, and although quite smokey, rather gentle at the same time. Interestingly, there are hardly any medicinal notes so it’s “clean” peat in a different way than Laphroaig or Ardbeg. Getting quite peppery. Finish: pepper again, toffee and of course lots of peat smoke.

It’s multi-layered, but also quite rough. The peat doesn’t allow much other flavours to shine through. There’s some mighty young Octomore together with fruity notes of the other Bruichladdich spirit and sweet sherry and madeira notes. For peat lovers and chain smokers only.

Ruben yes, i know you like subtle peat... I loved this one. but hey, i am a peat lover. for me, it's a great combo : the peat from the Octomore and PC, and that laddie sweetness, milky choclate/ baby milk thing going on.

it's relatively complex, and at a good price.

it's on my list of to buy. definitely.

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