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Bruichladdich The Organic Multi Vintage

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Bruichladdich The Organic Multi Vintage

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Bruichladdich The Organic Multi Vintage

Bruichladdich are the ever experimenting single malt brand and, even though, it's hard to keep track of them all there are few expressions that are below par. The Organic is another example of a decent (not mind blowing, mind you) expression - this one made purely from organic Scottish barley.

The lightly peated nose evokes images of green apples strewn on moist grass as you sit on a wooden porch made damp from the morning dew. Completing the picture is a basket of freshly laundered clothes atop which sits the tiniest bale of hay.

The delivery is full bodied and sweet smacking of honeyed cinnamon, moist lemon slivers and a touch of fennel. All this enveloped in a feathery wisp of smoke.

The long and oily finish is chewy and a little minty though, as it fades, it develops a slightly bitter chalky characteristic.


Following up my previous review I thought I would write up this one as I only have a few drams left in this bottle.

Unchill filtered, no coloring added.

Nose: Sharp barley with coco powder accents in a tub full of vanilla pudding. The smell of this one is very enjoyable.

Taste: very light and crisp, alcohol burn the races up the nose. bitter lemon citrus flavors coming thru making themselves felt towards the end.

Finish: Very quick finish starting with a sweet cereal that fades as soon as it starts. It then heads off towards bitterness that I can only describe as bar soap, you know the type you mother punished you with when you were a kids for doing something wrong. Hugely disappointing.

I received this 500cc bottle as a Christmas gift in 2011 and it's been sitting in my cabinet opened since that Christmas. I keep hoping that the oxidation will eventually help it. Since I'm at the end of this bottle I don't think anything can help it.

I know Organics are all the rage today. I know I prefer my food this way too, but really too much hype here and not enough follow thru. Save your hard earned cash and buy the 10 laddie you will enjoy it more.


Nose: starts a bit funky with quite a bit of lemony notes in addition to light malty sweeter ones. It’s all rather light lemony and soothing.

Palate: A lot of toasted barley on the palate giving way to some more spicy lemon , a bit like pickled lemons we get over here in Israel. Fruity too and a rather oily mouth feel to it. Giving this dram is some time is a good idea as the flours grow stronger with time and develop into hints of pear ,papaya, and even some wet grass.

Finish: Medium with toasted barley and pear drops.


From the main of Tullibardine Farms comes Bruichladdich's Organic. A totally organically produced single malt. Packaged in craft presentation; no caramel, no chill filtration and 46% this is about 7 year old spirit from the revamped Islay Distillery. Don't let the low mark fool you, this is an experience not to be missed, i find this a very unique malt, its just a shame about the finish.

  • Nose: Briny, maritime, soy-ish salt kind of marmite (or vegemite) sort of salt, vegetal, strong presence of celery, some fennel, seaweed, barley sugar and pickled lemon. With water much sweeter, barley sugar comes through much more, other elements still there though

  • Pallet: slightly oily very smooth, pepper, barley sugar sweets, pickled lemon again and some melon as well. Little bit of nuttiness as well With water much more subtle a touch of cardamom?, no real elements stand out but a nice band of salt forms across the middle of your tongue.

  • Finish: its pretty much gone as soon as you swallow so hold it in the mouth for a few seconds, it leaves with a little tingle. With water much the same, it’s still the weak link of the whisky.

  • Mark – neat 7.5, with water 8.0

I like this whisky its something different, really different when you consider its from Islay, nice and light, really good during a hot summer. I do recommend it even though it isn't amazing whisky get a bottle because its really interesting.


Notes from a phone...

On opening, citrus, vanilla, Buttercup

Then later, vanilla ice cream, creme brulee, sunflower seeds, faint whiffs of engine oil

Body: vegetable matter, white pepper and button mushrooms, honeyed peat, peat, peat

Finish: peaty, raisins, liquorice (on the burp too)

Overall: warming, islay, but not overpowering. smooth but with a gentle kick in the peaty pants.

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