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Canadian Club Reserve 10 Year Old

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Canadian Club Reserve 10 Year Old

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Canadian Club Reserve 10 Year Old

Sticking my nose up to the bottle of this ten-year-old Canadian blend makes me think of three words: hot buttered rum. In the glass it introduces more spices and nutty aromas in addition to the molasses sweetness and buttery warmth. A nice, light aroma.

It comes across smooth though somewhat spirity on the tongue. Sweet spiciness becomes oaky at the back of the mouth. Dank, foresty notes persist into the finish.

Overall this is a pretty good whisky and a great value. It is perhaps a bit hot at full strength but on ice it is marvellous. Doesn't mix quite as well as Crown Royal or Canadian Club Classic, I find.

I just bought a bottle of this yesterday because of the price. The nose while not overly complex was OK. After a few sips confirmed that while not outstanding it seemed good enough for a newbie like me to drink neat. However a few minutes after I finished my glass a horrible aftertaste hit me. I am new to whisky and I know that a lot of companies add caramel color. I am wondering if the colorant might be tainting this whisky. It seems very dark for a whisky that is aged in refilled casks. I am going to try it again and maybe have a better experience.


The bottle states that this blended whiskey is matured in white oak barrels for 10 years.

Nose: light, sweet, indistinct, honey, caramel

Taste: grapes, pears, sweet, a little caramel and honey. There is a lot of spice in the background, but it somehow doesn't seem to integrate with the fruit flavours

Finish: the fruits and sweet honey last long, but all of flavours diminish steadily after about 15 seconds

Balance: this whiskey is so grapey that I first thought that it had to be aged in sherry casks. Maybe this has some of that wonderful 9% of additives that Canada allows in its whiskeys. It could be sherry that we taste here, or some other wine. Jim Murray liked this whiskey, giving it a 93/100. I do NOT like this whiskey. I find the integration lacking and the grape-wine flavour just kind of out of place here. If the grape flavour were reduced by half this would be better in my book. This is more wine-cooler type of flavour profile in my opinion

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