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Crown Royal

Great to Mix Crown Royal

Nose is dry and somewhat grapey. Fruity at first taste but peaks out with spices and becomes bitter. Perhaps a blending problem that could be corrected in years to come. Still a very decent whiskey.

@tabendarBy @tabendar10 years ago 0 086

Crown Royal Cask No 16

Cognac! Crown Royal Cask No 16

Nose is very grapey similar to the regular CR but with a unique addition of cognac. Struggles to find a true shape but perfect whisky of grace and refinement with little depth.

@tabendarBy @tabendar10 years ago 0 086

Tangle Ridge

The 9% Non-Solution Tangle Ridge

Alberta Distillers, Ltd, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is currently owned by Beam Brands Global. Alberta Distillers makes Alberta Premium rye whiskey, which derives from a 100% rye mashbill. Because Alb…

@VictorBy @Victor10 years ago 0 168

Canadian Club

Bad Vodka Worse Whiskey Canadian Club

Granted I think this whiskey is advertised as a whisky meant for mixing, or at least over ice. But being somewhat of a purist, I am toughing it up and drinking it straight.The nose is alcohol and straw…

DBy @DramWhisky10 years ago 0 035

Crown Royal Black

Decent Improvement for Crown Crown Royal Black

I've had regular Crown and was pleasantly surprised by it. This is adds a few sweeter and spicy notes, perhaps evidence of ex-sherry casks. I largely prefer scotch to any other whisky, but when it comes…

@rwbenjeyBy @rwbenjey10 years ago 0 075