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Canadian Club

A good mixer Canadian Club

Unremarkable but clear tasting blended whisky good as a mixer, ok straight.

@nikkamanBy @nikkaman12 years ago 0 160

Crown Royal

Special breed Crown Royal

Sometimes, friends ask me: 'what whisky should I give for this or that event?' Most of all when they don't know whether another friend they are visiting likes whisky at all. Quite often I should recom…

@JohnMcWindowsBy @JohnMcWindows13 years ago 0 070

Crown Royal

Move my Wings Crown Royal

I'll get back to you with a decent review, later... In the meantime: "It's just a shame there is only one comment about this creation so far." In closing for now an airport tip: "Never forget about…

@JohnMcWindowsBy @JohnMcWindows13 years ago 0 370

Crown Royal

Crown Royal Crown Royal

Crown Royal is an old standby for me; something that I still enjoy casually, usually on the rocks or mixed, but I rarely sit down and have it neat. I figured it's time to give it a proper assessment.The…

@cweidlerBy @cweidler13 years ago 0 180