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Caol ila 1995 Distillers Edition

Average score from 4 reviews and 7 ratings 85

Caol ila 1995 Distillers Edition

Product details

  • Brand: Caol Ila
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • Series: Distillers Edition
  • ABV: 43.0%
  • Vintage: 1995

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Caol ila 1995 Distillers Edition

Burnished almond colour. Nosing brings some alcohol heat and a dusty oak aroma. Hot again at first taste, then turning slightly to the sherry and maderized flavour. Some raw green-ish flavours on the finish.


My first review here:

[b]Color[/b] - Pale Gold (unfortunately artificial), medium cling on the glass [b]Nose[/b] - Some salt and sweetened fruits with a dance of smoke lingering about. [b]Palate[/b] - [i]Taken neat[/i].Starts out sweet when the Moscatel hits, graduating onto candied fruit, and finishing with ashy smokiness and a hint of iodine. Very pleasing. [b]Finish[/b] - Average length, with the smoke and iodine lingering about.

[b]Overall Impressions:[/b] This whisky was made for beginners to review....It walks you through its complexities easily, and gives you time to ponder in between. Quite enjoyable for the experienced peat-head, but the sweetness and softness around the edges makes it approachable for the faint of heart..err...peat

Whoops - looks like the HTML tags were a miss....Sorry I'll remove next review !


This is my first review, but it's time I gave it a go.

The color is a pale gold, rather beautiful, but unfortunately caramel-colored. There are very, very slow tears forming.

On the nose we get some smoke, but mainly a citrus-like fragrance. On the palate the peat takes a step forward, but without dominating anything. The whisky turns to an oily texture, making it a rather chewy mouthful. Hints of some pepper. Finish with smoke and more pepper, some of the citrus also comes back up. The finish is soft but lingers on.

On the whole a lovely dram, but not what I would expect from an Islay whisky.

Great first review. Keep them coming!

Great start, @maikel.pellens! I have the 1996 Caol Ila DE; I'll have to see how it compares.


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