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Connemara Peated Sherry Finish

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Connemara Peated Sherry Finish

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Connemara Peated Sherry Finish

Connemara Sherry finish (40%, OB 2009, 10.000 btl.)

Nose: smokey but not (heavily) peated. Hints of red candy, berries and raisins. Something that reminds me of freshly cured leather. Rubber boots as well. Some forest notes. Rather unique and very pleasantly coated with sweet, sugary aromas.

Mouth: more peat and smoke now, still rounded by toffee, sweet citrus and really soft spices. Nice interplay with the creamy sherry. Faint hints of tar.

Finish: long, with dry peat, citrus flavours and a little liquorice.

A very enjoyable whisky which finds the right balance of peat and sherry. Much more gentle than Turf Mór, with added candied notes. Still available alongside the new Turf Mór.

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