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Four Roses' average rating is 84/100 from 69 reviews and 211 ratings

Four Roses reviews

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Four Roses

A Blend of Ten Four Roses

The Yellow Label bottling is the entry-level bourbon under the Four Roses name. It is far and away considered the ugly duckling of the Four Roses line, but I think this attribution is unfair. The Yellow…

@dbkBy @dbk7 years ago 0 082

Four Roses - Small Batch

Bitter but sweet Four Roses - Small Batch

Nose: A complex nose. Varnish, flowers, caramel, butterscotch, and sharpie.Palate: Mellow but lasting spice that maintains a consistent intensity and suddenly disappears. I can taste tobacco, cloves,…

mBy @masterj7 years ago 0 084

Four Roses - Small Batch

Thorny Roses Four Roses - Small Batch

Though not a fan of the standard Four Roses, I thought I would give the Small Batch a try. It looks good, a reddish golden colour, with a good body and solid legs in the glass. A sniff demonstrates that…

@talexanderBy @talexander7 years ago 0 678

Four Roses

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Neat. Widely spaced, long legs. Serious sweet orange and big butter in the nose. Taste is a little hot, quite tannic and woody. Sharp and hot. Not the biggest fan. Probably should be enjoyed on the rocks…

@GT2By @GT27 years ago 0 055

Four Roses - Small Batch

A Refined Offering Four Roses - Small Batch

Four Roses has a long and storied reputation, albeit one that was sullied for a time when, under the ownership of Seagrams, Four Roses only sold blended whiskey—straight whiskey blended with young whi…

@dbkBy @dbk8 years ago 0 585

Four Roses

Sweet roses Four Roses

The Four Roses Bourbon brand has only recently been introduced to the Belgian UK market and I had the pleasure of having one last night before dinner.This is a Kentucky Bourbon. I had the original Four…

@markjedi1By @markjedi19 years ago 0 665