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George T Stagg bottled 2010

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George T Stagg bottled 2010

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George T Stagg bottled 2010

The George T Stagg 2010 is a 17 year old, distilled in the autumn of 1993 and bottled in 2010. With an ABV of 71,5%, this is quite a monster! I have already alerted the Fire Departement.

On the nose it shows quite a few similarities with the one from 2006, but is a little less sweet at the beginning. More pine wood and a touch of varnish. Sour dough bread. Some rosemary and mint. Raisins and walnuts. Very pleasant. A touch of famer butter and loads of vanilla. Turns sweeter after all.

Spectacular on the palate. Phew! Very spicy with toffee, brown sugar, vanilla, leather, pear drops, licorice candy and lots more. Hints of coffee and rum raisins. Mildly drying from the oak.

The powerful finish lasts forever.

Wow, these Staggs sure our out of this world good, but very powerful as well. A good thing they are swimmers. Thanks for the sample, Kris.


One of my first real endeavors with Bourbon, and a good one at that. I couldn't believe the alcohol content on this bugger at a whopping 143 proof, but it went down surprisingly smooth.

Nose: Corn, nuts, vanilla, some warm fruit, like orange, followed by a pleasant musk and leather smell.

Palate: Warm, with a dominance of the bourbon grain coming through. This being a Kentucky Straight Whiskey, it really shows. Lots of corn. Digging deeper, I find some cranberry, vanilla and oak. Really, really pleasant.

Finish: More vanilla, oak, with a touch of almond. Kind of subtle, but very pleasant.

Not a half bad bottle to start into the world of Bourbon! Good stuff here.


This is as dark as a buffalo's mane and as fiery as its breath. I would say prepare to tangle with the buffalo's horns, but more appropriately this Stagg's antlers are a dangerous set. You will be amazed by how smooth 70+ percent alcohol can be, and then it will bury an antler in your throat. Do not get too comfortable, in other words, or you will end up like a tourist in Yellowstone who thought it would be nice to have a picture petting a bison. Give this beast respect. Try it neat if you dare, but have some water on standby (and the medics, too). There is such a conflagration of flavors, depth, and body that you have the sensation that much is going beyond your palate---like high pitched noises that only dogs can hear. This will definitely have you howling. As I write this, I feel its hooves thundering through my veins. Imagine the big bang distilled into bourbon and you will have a sense for the Stagg's magnitude and sheer force. Toffee, caramel, vanilla, black cherry, cola, cocoa, coffee, all spice, leather, and all on fire. It does not really get any better than this. This is gargantuan, blazing with spice and body, yes, but it is like a buffalo with silken hairs. How can you make something so hot so smooth? Bravo!


George T. Stagg 2010 Distiller: Buffalo Trace Spirit: Cask Strength Bourbon Price: $78.60 ABV: 71.5%

Nose: Heavy notes of oak, vanilla, spice, ripe bananas, maple syrup, molasses, dark brown sugar, dried fruits

Taste: Vanilla, ripe bananas, dried figs, raisin, molasses, spice, oak, and there is a dark cola flavor that lurks in the background

Finish: About as long as “long” gets. Heavy spice, oak, sweet maple candy

Cocktail: I feel guilty making a drink with this, but then again, my manhattan makes me want to run down the street, hugging and kissing everyone I see. You might try a cocktail, just to see how good it is (add a little water since this is such an incredibly strong bourbon), but frankly, you really only do it justice when you sip it neat or straight.

Bottle: As with all the bottles in Buffalo Trace’s “Antique Collection,” George T. Stagg comes in a tall, slender bottle with minimal, white, elegant, old-fashioned-style lettering on the front. The liquid is the focus, as well it should be; the crystal clear bottle shows off the dark, rich mahogany color. There are a set of deer antlers right about the lettering which adds a nice distinction from the others in the series; at the very bottom lies a paper label with that specific batch’s alcohol content. Overall, it’s a simple bottle, that is neither overly beautiful, nor underwhelming.

Conclusion: Richard: Where do I start with this one? I guess the first thing that most people notice is that this bourbon packs an enormous kick; at 143% proof, it is the strongest whiskey I’ve ever heard of, but even so, it remains remarkably smooth (considering its proof). I knew I was in for something special when I bought this bottle, but I wasn’t quite sure what was going to be special about it. Was it the incredibly complex nose? Or perhaps roaring flavor that lasts on your tongue? Simply, it is a combination of these two things mixed with the fact that they were able to produce such an incredibly delicious bourbon at such a high proof. I find it hard to compare this to any other bourbon because the experience of drinking it by itself is truly unique, and it shines a light on the many possibilities available in bourbon production. This comes out once a year as a special release, and I am going to make certain that I get at least one bottle next year. This is truly an outstanding spirit.


@RaiseYourSpirit, good review ! I've been saving my bottle for a special occasion, but your review is helping to develop that occasion :-) I am wondering how it will compare to the Sazerac Rye 18 or to the Eagle Rare 17, also from Buffalo Trace, which are absolutely magnificant !?

@AboutChoice, are you saying that you have never had a taste of George T. Stagg, and yet are sitting on a bottle of it? Ye gods, man, take a sip!

There is no harm done in opening that bottle. It will hold up to a little oxidation, trust me!


George T Stagg is a rye formula bourbon from the Sazerac Antiquities Collection. It is released once per year in the fall. The whiskey is 15 years old and released at barrel proof

Nose: oak, maple sugar, vanilla, spice

Taste: Extreme intense spice and wood flavours give the taste buds an incredible workout. This is extremely delicious and intense. Vanilla and caramel are more present in the mouth than in the nose. The sweet and dry balance is excellent. The most astonishing thing is that at 143 proof this is extremely smooth and the alcohol is barely perceptible tasted neat

Finish: all of the flavours last long and hold up well

Balance: The balance of the elements within George T Stagg is superb. In the world of rye formula bourbons there is nothing else like this, though there are some, like the best Willetts, that are not too very far away. If you have never tasted this whiskey you really owe it to yourself to do so, if for no other reason than to see where the bar has been set

@Victor...would really enjoy a review of the GTS 2011 and a comparison of it with the 2010. Your reviews are always enjoyable and educational!

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