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Glen Grant

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Glen Grant

Product details

  • Brand: Glen Grant
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 40.0%

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Glen Grant

Young, refreshing and life affirming. Well maybe not the last of those three, but for a very cheap single malt this provides a pleasant drinking experience.

The label just says single malt... Not very helpful but given the very pale colour and no age statement we can assume it’s quite young and has been aged in bourbon or refill casks. None of this is bad news though as simplicity is a virtue of sorts and the lack of competing influences on the flavour means the quality or otherwise of the spirit is laid bare.

In the glass it looks very pale, the aromas are light and ethereal, but distinct. I find white wine, lemon, vanilla and spice along with a pleasant sweetness akin to golden syrup. The whisky is medium bodied and like the nose the flavours are very light including apples, sultanas, vanilla, lemon and that syrupy sweetness wraps it all up nicely. The finish is a trifle short and watery which is disappointing but it could not defy its age and percentage all the way through.

This malt should only be drunk with a very clear palate or it’ll appear bland.


Glen Grant 5 y.o. is not a very good whisky. It's very young and there isn't a special taste when you drink it. I'll try the 10 y.o. version, I hope that can be more completed. To drink after lunch like digestive drink, with one or two ice cube.


This whisky is mostly produced for the italian market. I tasted it in Italy during my winter holiday. It is a very light whisky. But is has this fresh and fruity flavour which I enjoy.

Yeah i'm italian but found this dram too weak for my taste. Save ur money for something else guys

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