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Glen Grant 16 Year Old

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Glen Grant 16 Year Old

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Glen Grant 16 Year Old

Glen Grant is top five selling scotch in the world. Their best seller is NAS, which was normally served as aperitif or mixer, maybe that's why it's rarely discussed by whisky fans. Recently they redesigned the bottle and package, adding 12yo and 18yo to their core range, and the 18yo was named 2nd place in Jim Murray's 2017 Whisky Bible. It seems they are doing the right thing.

Glen Grant 16yo was their oldest whisky in the core range until the 18yo came out last year. The label has a description says "Intense, ripe orchard fruits, lingering finish." So that's see what I can get.

The review is from a 50ml miniature.

Nose: Fruity and crisp, a bit sharp but in the good way. Lemon, sweet olive, pear, kiwi and fresh grass.

Palate: Green apple, vanilla, pear and barely. Light, creamy and refreshing.

Finish: Dried pineapple, passion fruit, pear and cream. Dry and soft.

Balance: This whisky focuses on the fruity theme. The body is light but it holds the fruity flavors very well. Nothing offensive, very easy to drink.

I won't say it's a stunning whisky, but Glen Grant 16yo is indeed quite good and interesting, especially ideal for aperitif or summer dram. The body is clean, light and refreshing, due to the work of purifiers which installed on their distillers, and there are truly a lot of orchard fruits as mentioned on the label. It's fairly priced, but has been replaced by the 18yo now, which is quite expensive compared to the retired 16yo.

Sounds much better than the 10yo I just bought.

@casualtorture I haven't try the 10yo, but my younger brother told me it's just a plain whisky. I usually don't buy a whole bottle of lighter whisky which is bottled at 40% if not tasted before, because I know I like flavorsome whisky and lightweight whisky is easy to go off once the bottle is opened. I would suggest you try before buy if you wanna buy an entry level whisky like this. If the whisky is not rare or expensive the liquor store will probably pour you some free sample.


Nose: extremely nutty, quite unusual. Then hay, almonds and floral notes. Pleasant. Palate: Light and fresh. Caramel, vanilla, pear juice. Finish: medium, little bit peppery, nutty again. Satysfying. I didn't expect too much from this whisky but I'm really surprised. Very decent and fairly priced Speysider.


Glen Grant 16

Nose: Pears, apples , white pepper.

Taste: Grape nuts , pear syrup, vanilla creme ,light pepper.

Finish: light pepper throughout , cream puff , sugar cone,

Balance : Very nice and zesty dram , its not complex but pleasant. great balance between sweet and pepper.

Hello Victor , Thanks for the post , I have tried the Glen Grant 10 and find the Glen Grant 16 slightly better, more vanilla , peppery and a little richer fruit. I have read your review of the 10 year and think you are spot on, I would expect that you would score 16 similar to what I have had. The Glen Grant is similar to the Glenfiddich 12 with pears dominating the palate but the GG 16 has a little more depth and more peppery. I bought this for approximately 100.00 Canadian per bottle ,a little overpriced in my opinion. There are many more expressions that I would purchase ahead of this one.

On another note ,I have read many of your reviews and it has guided me on some purchases , namely Connemara Cask Strength. You have also renewed my interest in bourbons and rye whiskey. Please keep posting reviews , they a very enjoyable , informative and helpful.

Thanks much, @cclward, both for the Glen Grant comparisons and for the kind words about my reviews. Regarding the Glen Grant 16 I have shied away precisely because the Glen Grant 10 left me very underwhelmed. I am glad to get feedback on the subject. I am sure that I would like to try some Glen Grant 16 at some point..., and definitely before giving it any further consideration for a bottle purchase.


Gruppo Campari, who own the Glen Grant distillery (they bought it from Chivas Brothers in 2005), launched the Glen Grant 16 Year Old in 2009. It has been praised by many as the best in their current standard range.

The nose bursts with stone fruit. Peach, grapes, but also pears on syrup. Slightly creamy with a whiff on crème brûlée, vanilla custard and a handful of oak. Silky soft and honeysweet. Some nuts too. This is quite good!

It is wonderfully creamy and feisty on the palate. Loads of pears, light peppers, a basketful of nuts. Full body and very warm. This is classy in all its straightforwardness.

The finish is long and warm on liquorice.

This is a serious step up from the 10 Year Old that merits the price tag. Available for around 35 EUR.


Tonight's theme is 100% one cask maturation (but it's bound not to work out perfectly)

Nose is light and very fruity, even floral with a touch of rose. Some alcohol aromas. First sip is honeyed and soft with some rosewater like flavours. Soft and very very smooth finish.

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