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Glen Moray SMWS 35.78 Praline and flat Coca Cola

A Society Tasting: A New Distillery

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22nd Nov 2012


Glen Moray SMWS 35.78 Praline and flat Coca Cola
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My wife and I had recently attended a Scotch Malt Whisky Society tasting, a group of whisky enthusiasts known world wide for their rare cask strength selections that are brilliant and oftentimes weird.

Our first whisky was a Glenmorangie and then we got a chance to try an extremely rare moonshine type whisky: Glenmorangie New Make Spirit.

The next whisky in the tasting was one of the darkest in the group and was definitely a Speyside whisky.

When the cellarmaster asked what region we all thought the whisky came from the room was quiet until I spoke out, almost hesitantly after being blindsided by confusing the Glenmorangie for a a Lowland whisky.

However this time I was right!


We start to nose the whisky and it is lovely and complex and a wee bit weird.

Oak, hints of cedar, raisins, sultanas, creamy vanilla, peppermint, salty caramel.

Beautiful and at times reminiscent of bourbon.

When we taste this bad boy again I'm reminded strongly of a bourbon/Speyside whisky combination.

Sweet with creamy vanilla, barley, oak, cinnamon, honey and tannins fill the mouth with a thick and oily mouthfeel with hints of root beer and flat coke coming through.

Very very enjoyable.

The finish is long and sweet following the initial tasting.

We're then informed of the distillery, Glen Moray, which is my first time tasting this distillery and that this is a 14 yr old whisky.

If many of this distilleries bottlings are of this quality they've got a lifelong convert!

As with all Society bottlings, extremely limited numbers and this bad boy is going for $229 AUS each!

If you're looking for a good Speyside whisky that doesn't fit the norm then this is the whisky for you!

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