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By @jeanluc @jeanluc on 17th Mar 2017, show post

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ajjarrett replied

@Robert99 I will have to check if you reviewed any of these since you got them. Out of the four, I must say that I am a big fan of the Benromach 10 100. Just the right level of peat working in concert with the Speyside characteristics.

16 days ago 0

Nelom replied

I was inspired by @Mancub to pop into the LCBO and grab these two new limited releases. I'm most excited to try Dissertation, but will go for One Fifty tonight in order to post some impressions in that other thread. Dissertation will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Mancub replied

@Nelom Hey, nice acquisitions! Please don't rush things along on my account, though I do greatly appreciate hearing your insight! That bottle is just a week shy of my brother-in-laws birthday. Pretty neat. Being 20 though he only drinks light beer and vodka mixed drinks, hah! Enjoy and thanks for posting :)

10 days ago 0

Nelom replied

@Mancub No worries on hurrying anything along. Any excuse to buy and drink whisky is a good one. wink I've posted my thoughts in the other thread.

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yalc replied

@Nozinan I thought that odd also but read at breakingbourbon how the barrels were stored differently (gentler temperature and humidity range) so there was less for the angels apparently. Would love to get a taste of that.

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