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Highland Park Earl Magnus Edition One 15 Year Old

Average score from 3 reviews and 7 ratings 89

Highland Park Earl Magnus Edition One 15 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: Highland Park
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 52.6%
  • Age: 15 year old
  • Bottles: 5976

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Highland Park Earl Magnus Edition One 15 Year Old

This was the first one in that rather popular Earl Magnus trilogy, hyped to no end with a pricetag from hell. The successor, the 12 Year Old Saint Magnus, I found to be rather ordinary. Hopefully this first one does better. I have not yet been able to secure a sample of the third edition, Earl Haakon. It is amazing what samples one comes across when clearing out some cabinets, he?

I like this nose from the very first whiff. Wonderful HP with loads of heather, mint, hay and grass, flints, buttercups, white fruit and citrus. Coconut, too. Bit of camphor. Rubber hose (not to be confused with sulpher, please!). Nice smokiness, without putting to much stress on it. Adding water makes it very clean and brings out more smoke. And more rubber, too. This is good.

It is very creamy and sweet on the palate with loads of citrus. Grapefruit, but also apples. The smokiness is bigger now. Very tight and does not need any water, while it carries it gracefully. Well seasoned. Good stuff, indeed.

The finish is long, good and becomes pretty zesty. Bittersweet until the end.

Okay, I have to admit it: this one was very much hyped, but it lives up to the challenge. Around 400 EUR you say? Ah, there is always a catch.


Body: long and thin legs.

Nose: soothing, sweet with honey and fruits, subtle sherry notes. Overall very pleasing.

Palate: sherry hits you at first, this is a typical HP profile but stronger and subtler at the same time. Refined. Second sip: the sherry comes up mixed with spices and a vague fruitiness, extremely pleasant again. The ABV is evident and it tingles your mouth together with the spices. Wood in the aftertaste, it grows up sip after sip, accompanied by heather honey. I really like it!

Finish: complex honeyed finish, with wood, sherry and spices.

Overall: balanced orcadian beauty: sherry on one side, honey on the other, livened up by spices and polished with a touch of wood. A heart-warmer.

This was a sample kindly offered by Mark Dermul, thank you Toshan man!

@CJames Unluckily I didn't, this was a sample received from Mark Dermul! I've heard good things of it, but these releases are a bit hard to track down and pretty expensive too...that said, I really love HP's profile...

I also was able to taste it thanks to a sampkle from @markjedi1, for which I am very thankful. Lovely whisky indeed sad to know it isn't available any more. I'd like to buy a bottle of the St. magnus, but the steep price is making me hold back. For now.


Nose : Honey lemon meringue some marshmallow. Oak spices on the background.With water the oaky Notes are more evident. This is far more lemony than the 12,Hjarta and 18 i’ve tasted recently. (and more like the 15 year old, well it's 15 year old too, hm...) Less of the sherry notes are there, It's like a HP stripped out of it's sherry, i didn't expect that! .Smoke is also there but more distant, to be revealed more bluntly in the palate.

Palate : Oily. Big drying palate. Citrusy. The Smoke then enters the mouth coating it with a greater intesnity than i had expected which is rather nice. Some earthy peat with damp soil. Spice. Pepper. Ginger. very complex.Yumm. Indeed a great palate. Not a classic HP palate at all.

Finish :Long on smoke, oat bread and a spicy tingle. Some bitterness, and wee smoke.

Just got in two days ago in liquor stores in the province of Quebec' but it's going fast I think. To be honest, I got mine and opened it the same night with a friend of mine (couldn't resist but i now i'm thinking of getting a second one to keep...). The peperry-ginger finish is waht surprised me the most. Suprisingly smooth for the abv of 52%.

I finally picked up a bottle my father was keeping for me. The packaging is a real stunner!

@robdoyle @Carlito, now that I can read the label for myself, I can see that HP has played a clever semantic trick. The label states "1 of 5,976" which would lead one to believe that mine is bottle #1. However, nowhere does it actually state that this is NUMBER 1, just "one of X bottles". I'm sure the misdirect is intentional; who could resist owning the very first bottle?

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