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Highland Park Svein


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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

27th Jan 2014


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Highland Park Svein is a member from the Warrior Series (for travel retail) by Highland Park. Svein is one of the three newest members of the overall six. Unlike it's two brothers Harald and Einar, Svein gets its name from the hospitable and generous nature of many of the Viking leaders.

It is definitely the lighter version when compared to the other viking (Einar) of the Warrior Series. Like a young viking boy, full of barley.

That's why I decided to call Highland Park Svein the "Pathfinder". A movie, where a young viking boy is seeking his place. It might as well be Svein.

Nose: Lightly floral with bits of peat and smoke very deeply in the background. Citrus and especially barley comes through.

Taste: Sweet vanilla is the main character. Oak and barley in the back. Not as strong from the palate as Einar but stronger than Harald.

Finish: Strongly oaky, a bit floral and earthly. Spicy and lingering.

Balance: This differs quite a bit from it's brothers, though it has that similar HP deep smoke like Einar. Harald is the delicate one and Einar the strongest (of course, he's the feared viking). Svein is the runner up after Einar. Nice stuff.

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vanPelt commented

Thanks Rantavahti, it's great to see the addition of some reviews for duty free exclusives-- which are much too sparse on this site.

I was wondering what you generally thought of HP's duty free bottlings. I noticed that you gave higher scores to bottles in their standard range (12,18). So regarding Duty Free, are we just looking at a gimmick to be avoided? Or do you see a perspective in price/value tradeoff? Or...?

8 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

That's a good question. The 40% ABV level does make a difference in this case. I'd surely take the more powerful stuff: 12YO or 18YO or some of their specialties like the vintage 2001 connosr.com/reviews/highland-park/…

I'm not sure but I think that there's not much difference in price either. I think that Svein is the only one with a bit over 40 euro litre price. Harald and Einar are more expensive which would leave 12YO even more affordable.

Still, in overall, Highland Park seems to achieve a good standard in everything they do!

8 years ago 0

vanPelt commented

Maybe..., although I remember sampling one of the HPs in Heathrow and thinking I'd better avoid getting swindled. That's part of why I ask. I don't remember whether it was the Warrior series; probably it was the "Leif Eriksson" or one that appeared around the same time. Anyway, thanks for the Einar tip!

8 years ago 0

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