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Highland Park Svein

No Warrior

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

18th Jun 2015


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The Warrior Series from Highland Park consists of (bar mistake on my part) six expressions: Einar, Harald, Ragnvald, Sigurd, Svein and Thorfinn. I tried the Einar last summer, but was quite underwhelmed. I wonder if this Svein does any better. Svein was quite a legendary Viking leader, known in the Orkeyinga Saga as a man of adventure and good humor. Errr… the nose is quite introvert. I get some sweet malt and acacia honey, but little else at first. Maybe some pineapple? This needs some hand warmth. Okay, some more aromas emerge now. Skins of apple, vanilla and some woodsmoke. Loads of earthy notes. But the whole is pretty quiet. Ouch, the arrival is very weak. Almost watery. Some Seville oranges, a bit zesty even, but then only some ginger, malt and a hint of smoke. Pencil shavings? This is no warrior. A bit of a letdown. Actually, not a bit, but a big letdown.

The finish is short on smoke and some oak.

It is not better than the Einar. On the contrary. This is probably one of the least interesting modern HPs I have tried so far. Thanks, Pat!

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fiddich1980 commented

I fully agree "big let down". The ginger note is more like ginger that has dried up in the fridge crisper and gone rancid. I tried mixing it in a cocktail and the it only accentuated this off note. The bottle was a gift and so at least there is no regrets.

3 years ago 1Who liked this?

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