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Isle of Jura Tastival Whisky Festival 2014

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Isle of Jura Tastival Whisky Festival 2014

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Isle of Jura Tastival Whisky Festival 2014

Limited to 3000 bottles this is the Jura festival bottling for 2014 (coinciding with Islay Feis Ile 2014). This whisky has been finished in 7 different casks to create a wonderfully unique dram. Lots of honey, apples and nuts with sea salt on the nose. On the palate sweet, fruity and nutty with some honey. The finish is quite long with lots of nuts and fruit flavours lingering. This is a lovely dram and worth seeking out! By the way the official tasting notes are out soon at the Jura website so check them out.


This year, on 28 and 29 May, Jura Tastival 2014 will take place. In their own words, this is a 'whisky tasting revolution'. Especially for the festival a whisky was bottled under the name Tastival. Along with a few other bloggers, I received a nice box from Whyte & Mackay, containing 5 samples, including this Tastival. So let us get to work!

Ooh, quite a special nose. Barely sweet (think apples and a touch of toffee), but mostly roast beef and hard goat cheese. Nice hints of bacon, which I did not really expect. A bit of selery salt and broth. Very hearty whisky, it would seem. If you are patient enough, it becomes a bit sweeter.

It is very oily on the palate, almost creamy. Loads of wood, making it dry. Reminds me a bit of peanut butter. I am not sure I like that (in my whisky, I mean). Not as hearty and salty on the palate. Now it is very sweet, but I cannot identify any fruit. What a mysterious Jura!

The finish is very long and spicy. Think pepper and ginger, but also some nutmeg. It dies a dry, woody death.

A special Isle of Jura, that much is certain, but I am not head over heels unfortunately. I did quite like the nose, though.

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