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Isle of Jura Turas Mara

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Isle of Jura Turas Mara

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Isle of Jura Turas Mara

Just recently discovered this Jura Bottling in a german online shop. The Website says its Traveler-Retail exclusive, so I don’t know about availability in your country.

This Jura Version is without age statement, finished in Bordeaux and ruby port casks and bottled at 42%.

Nose: Honey, almonds, raisins and a lot of Christmas-like baking aromas.

Palate: starts very, very sweet with raisins in vanilla and honey. This is immediately followed by a few bitter notes from bloodoranges or grapefruits,preventing it from being boringly sweet. This is mixed up with some baking spices,mostly cinnamon.

The finish is quite long and lets you enjoy the interaction between a fruity sweetness and the spices from the different woods, all with a small touch of bitterness that is really quite delicious.

This is a really good afternoon whisky for the “softer” days.Not too complex but very enjoyable. My first Jura, and a good one for sure.


Jura Turas-Mara , 42% abv , £40 Nose: Lovely sweet toffee upon layers of vanilla , ginger candy and orange peel. Sweet stuff with cocoa powder too.

Palate: Palate: Vanilla, honey , dark chocolate with rum soaked cherries, and some sultanas. Clearly sherry influence here, making it very yummy and sweet/bitter.

Finish: Oak, dark chocolate truffles. Raisins. Orange zest: A bitter sweet symphony.

Bottom line:

Very nice and quite quaffable and approachable. Good stuff, all in all. Not very cheap for NAS, and at this ABV, but you can not go wrong if you bring it as a gift to someone you are visiting, or just as a nice sipper. Don’t expect it to be the most complex of malts but clearly rather enjoyable for me. Jura malts are getting better and better, and I like this trend.

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