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Jack Daniel's Original (No.7)

Mass produced, but still decent.

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@JDwhiskeyReview by @JDwhiskey

30th Jul 2011


Jack Daniel's Original (No.7)
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This is the first whiskey I tried and I was quite pleased with it until I moved on to other, better whiskies. When I compared it to other whiskies such as Jameson, Maker's Mark, Tullamore Dew and Knob Creek, it seemed lacking in the quality that I saw in these whiskies.

No one seems to know the significance of the Old No.7 label on the bottle, even though there are many theories.

One thing I do love about it is how rich it is, its almost syrupy which is quite different from irish whiskies, but very nice all the same.

This whiskey is by no means the worst on the market but there are a huge amount of whiskies that are better than it. But in the end its all down to personal taste!

On the palate, it tastes very strongly of the charcoal that makes it different from bourbon whiskies and you get a lovely taste of vanilla too. The finish is short enough but it leaves a nice sugary taste behind.

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mattberg commented

you must be joking...this stuff is like alcoholic glue.... still, you need the crap stuff in life to compare to the good stuff.....

12 years ago 0

JDwhiskey commented

Well, last time I checked Im entitled to my opinion....and this is just my opinion

12 years ago 0

LeFrog commented

Everyone starts their whisky journey somewhere

12 years ago 0

mattberg commented

you're absolutely right... most of us started of enjoying whisky with a good whiff of JD... including myself

12 years ago 0

CyR commented

I'm most familiar with JD and Jim Beam, being a beginner. I hope to try the others you listed soon so that i can compare. I hope my pallete is discerning enough! Thank you for the review

10 years ago 0