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Karuizawa's average rating is 89/100 from 42 reviews and 77 ratings

Karuizawa reviews

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Karuizawa 1990/2012 cask #679

Another Krackin' Karuizawa Karuizawa 1990/2012 cask #679

Nose: Amazing. It's very typical Karuizawa. Chocolate, maraschino cherries that are just dripping with liqueur. Elegant and just flippin' awesome. Orange, maybe light brown sugar molasses. Dates. Red…

nBy @numen7 years ago 0 192

Karuizawa 17 Year

Uninspired sherry Karuizawa 17 Year

Nose: Malty and lightly sherried (though obviously so). A little leather and cocoa/coffee. Touch of salt and red fruit. Cherries/strawberries. Lightly oxidized sherry quality; it's just very light.…

nBy @numen7 years ago 0 083

Karuizawa 1986/2008 Cask 7387

Sherry bomb! Karuizawa 1986/2008 Cask 7387

Nose: Wow, an incredible standard sherried profile. Strawberries, red currants, and very jammy at that. With more air, it gets some of the oxidative notes (more to 'brown' flavors with a slightly old…

nBy @numen7 years ago 0 090

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