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Lg2 - Elements of Islay

Into the Wild

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15th Feb 2013


Lg2 - Elements of Islay
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This version of the Elements of Islay series got me really excited before I had even tasted it. Just because it had Lg attached to it I had high hopes...and they were answered. This whisky is both, intense and mellow. The intensity comes from the great and complex taste of smoke, peat and spices. The mellow side comes from the nature feel that Lg3 gives me. It makes me want to start a journey Into the Wild just like the movie did.

Lg3 offers a very earthy feeling. It tastes just like it was gathered from the nature. And in this case from nature that has encountered a forest fire. Lg3 would probably be one of the best selections to drink outside in the wild. I could imagine taking it with me to go ice fishing in my hometown seaside in Finland.

There was a "study" of which kind of whisky is best to enjoy outside at winter frost. It was made by one Finnish whisky blog. They're conclusion was that you should select a powerful whisky that doesn't lose it's flavors so easily. They also were in favor of a smoky whisky. On those notes my selection is definitely Lg3.

Nose: Stingy, slightly smoky and oaky. Nice smell of wood enhances the soft peat.

Taste: Rich and heavy with lots of spicy elements without forgetting the smoke. Very peaty, salty and peppery with a mild sour note.

Finish: Smoky finish is very heavy and looooong, absolutely sensational and the best part of this whisky. Would very easily tame frost when tramping outside.

Balance: Not the most balanced whisky but I don't mind. This still offers a great deal of smoke and salt with a lasting impression. Surely made it's mark among my favorite whiskies.

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