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Maker's Mark

A good one for my name day..

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@bourbondrinkerReview by @bourbondrinker

26th Oct 2014


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My bad, but it seems I can't get rid of the alcohol in this whiskey. I admit adding quite a bit of water in this one which seems to have taken away its sweetness and now reveals a more "citrusy" character. The true bourbon DNA is embedded here...fantastic! and I think I can taste some thick Cuban cigar...vanilla and oak. Slowly developing spice leads to a medium to long finish. Good stuff!!

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Victor commented

@bourbondrinker, you are not wrong. Standard Maker's Mark at 45% abv shows me a lot of alcohol...as though it were 80% abv.

Try the Maker's 46. It is a MUCH better sipper. I don't like to sip standard Maker's Mark, but I am happy to sip Maker's 46.

8 years ago 0

BourbonNorth1 commented

I definitely agree with @Victor- the alcohol is extremely prevalent in standard Maker's Mark, way more so than you'd expect from a 90 proof whiskey. Tasting Maker's Mark for the firs time was really interesting to me for that reason. It really illustrates how much the quality of a whiskey can change how much you notice the alcohol. For example, Booker's bourbon- which generally runs somewhere in the ballpark of 130 proof- has, at least to me, way less noticeable alcohol than Maker's Mark, despite being almost half again as strong.

I'd second the recommendation of Makers' 46 as well- it's a big improvement.

8 years ago 0

bourbondrinker commented

Thanks for those comments Eugene and BourbonNorth1, I'll try to secure a position for Makers' 46 in my cabinet!

8 years ago 0

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