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Midleton's average rating is 87/100 from 12 reviews and 31 ratings

Midleton reviews

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Midleton Very Rare

Most dangerous Whiskey on Earth! Midleton Very Rare

Smooth and easy to drink doesn't begin to describe this gem. Has a couple drams at a recent whisky tasting and this one knocked my socks off. So smooth, so clean, almost feminine, but oh so delicious.I…

@rharlowBy @rharlow8 years ago 0 1097

Midleton Clontarf Classic Blend

Lemony Irish Blend Midleton Clontarf Classic Blend

Clontarf Classic Blend is aged in bourbon barrels. There is no age statement on the bottle. Jim Murray reports that Clontarf Classic Blend was originally distilled at Cooley Distillery, but is more…

@VictorBy @Victor9 years ago 0 085

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