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Old Pulteney 17 Year Old

Caught me by suprise!

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@DutchGaelischReview by @DutchGaelisch

3rd Sep 2014


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After running out on Highland Park 18 and the increase of the price for HP18 from € 60,- up to € 80,-. I starting to look for a alternative whisky. My interest went out to Old Pulteney 17. I've enjoyed the Old Pulteney 12, so why not give the 17 a go for € 60,- a bottle. Here we go!

Nose: vanilla, slightly salty, citrus, red fruit, malt. Taste: butterscotch, barley, salty, malt, spicy, red fruit, flowers. Delivery: barley, warm, dry, wine, long lingering taste, it keeps going and going and going.

A wonderful dram, worth every penny. It's not as good as Highland Park 18, but it's right up there on it's heals. This is definitely not my last bottle of Old Pulteney 17.

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vrudy6 commented

I've had the Old Pulteney several times and I enjoy it very much, but never had the 17. How do you compare the 17 to the 12? It sounds like is much of the same, except that the 17's flavors are deeper and more pronounced. Is that true?

7 years ago 0

DutchGaelisch commented

@vrudy6 I poured myself another dram, just te be sure ;) It's more complex, a small word but a big difference. For example, the sharpness of the younger OP12 is completely mellowed out, that's a big big plus. The OP17 has the same signature as the OP12, so you could say, more of the same? That said, I wouldn't buy the OP12 again, just because I have other 12 year old single malts I like better in that price-range. The OP17 is a totally different story, this bottle will be the first of many to follow.

7 years ago 0

vrudy6 commented

I'm intrigued! I will definitely put it on my short list. Thanks for the review. Cheers!!

7 years ago 0

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