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Smokehead's average rating is 83/100 from 14 reviews and 52 ratings

Smokehead reviews

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Good young Islay, but Not complex Smokehead

Nose: Massive Peat, Tons of smoke, Tar, Lemon sherbet, Soot, Sea spray, smoked bacon.. ISLAY spelled out in big bold 72 point letters. It kicks you ,it makes you smile. I like those young Islays, and…

@galgBy @galg8 years ago 0 085


Smokey Tonsils Smokehead

very young and raw, but very good. Smoke, peat and honey nose, lots of straight-forward islay flavors of smokey ash, peat, malt, salty brine, and honey or toffee. Good peppery finish, warms you up. Cool…

@cask_strengthBy @cask_strength9 years ago 0 175

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