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St George's Distillery's average rating is 80/100 from 21 reviews and 39 ratings

St George's Distillery reviews

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English Whisky Chapter 6

English Dessert Dram English Whisky Chapter 6

Opened March 27th, 2012 from a 5cl (50ml) sample bottle.Nose: Custard, vanilla essence, melting moments, ice cream, confectionery, icing sugar. So sweet. Incredible nose. No alcohol bite. Most amazing…

@systemdownBy @systemdown9 years ago 0 188

English Whisky Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Tasting English Whisky Chapter 9

Nose: Subtle Smoke, Grassy perhaps floral.Taste: Sweet and creamy vanilla then followed with a peaty smoke conclusionFinish: Short and ginger spice at the end. Makes me want to have more and more.

@RosalBy @Rosal9 years ago 0 088

English Whisky Co. Chapter 11

Splendid. English you say? English Whisky Co. Chapter 11

St.George’s Distillery is a rather new distillery which started producing whisky in 2006. The distillery itself had been founded by James Nelstrop and his son Andrew. Currently their master distiller is…

@galgBy @galg9 years ago 0 086

English Whisky Chapter 9

Quick English Stir Fry English Whisky Chapter 9

Nose: Very fragrant, aromas leaping out of the glass with ease, as one would expect from such a young whisky. It's very much a vegetal introduction, with yellow and green peppers, as well as courgette…

@OJKBy @OJK10 years ago 0 087

English Whisky Chapter 7 Rum Finish

Packs a rum punch English Whisky Chapter 7 Rum Finish

The unpeated Chapter 7 spent two years in ex-Jim Beam bourbon casks and the last year of its maturation in a rum cask. The sharp-eyed among you will note that Chapters 8 and 9 came out before this one…

@WTCBy @WTC10 years ago 0 180

English Whisky Chapter 3 20cl

Baby Of The Bunch English Whisky Chapter 3 20cl

The St George's distillery in Norfolk is the only English Whisky Distillery around, recently producing the first English Single Malt whisky in over 100 years. In the lead-up to this the Distillery rel…

@AlanjpBy @Alanjp10 years ago 0 256

English Whisky Chapter 9

Amazingly well integrated English Whisky Chapter 9

English Whisky Company, Chapter 9. 46% ABV, retails at £39.99. Cask: American Bourbon 1st Fill. Age: 3 years. On the bottle it says “Peated/Smokey” It is peated at 35 ppm. Dominic says:Nose: A shy and…

@WTCBy @WTC10 years ago 0 585

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