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Talisker 11 Year Old Diageo Special Releases 2022

The Lustrous Creature of the Depths

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

18th Oct 2022


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Matured in ex-bourbon and refill barrels.

N: Hallelujah! That's the first thing that shoots through my head when I put this malt on the nose. Bonfire on the beach, seaweed, peat, nutmeg, the skin of potatoes, warm sand, cake and a fish pan. S: On the tongue it's really a pinball machine of flavors: sweet, salty, smoky with a lot of lemon juice, oyster juice, smoked bacon... nice and greasy mouthfeel. Blessed. F: The long, satisfying finish offers a lot of woodsmoke in addition to some salt and pepper. And smoked sausage and smoked salmon on the deathbed. What a party! C: Absolutely amazing Talisker, again. Who will join me in a happy dance?

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fiddich1980 commented

This sounds nice except, that the price of these special releases has escalated to a point where the cost factor may out weight the joy factor. My estimate is that the Talisker 11 will cost between $180 to $230 Canadian dollars per bottle(750ml). The Lagavulin 12 is priced around $260 per bottle. In current economic circumstances, whisk(e)y consumers will have to make frugal and deliberate choices on what brands and spirits they chose to purchase in the foreseeable future. Access to sample taster packs or the 200ml bottles for the Special Releases is nearly impossible in North America ... apologies did not intend to rant

10 months ago 3Who liked this?

RianC commented

@fiddich1980 - I don't think that's even approaching a rant, it's the reality!

They're all over £100 here, which just seems par for the course these days, but they aren't purchases I can make every time I want a bottle. Your comment about frugal choices is spot on. I've bought a lot lately, even dropping £200+ for the first time for a Redbreast 21 (able to pay in instalments), but I'm doing so as I feel that it will soon be too expensive to justify, if it isn't already.

Is the pleasure > or = to the cost? Often the answer, for me, is no. We're lucky here that we have auctions but, just like the market, I see the prices rising there too.

Apologies @markjedi1 for the diversion - great review, as ever, and, cost aside, the juice sounds delightful!

10 months ago 2Who liked this?

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