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Talisker's average rating is 86/100 from 220 reviews and 894 ratings

Talisker reviews

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Talisker 10 Year Old

A Tale of Two Whiskies... Talisker 10 Year Old

I have always loved Talisker. It was one of my first loves within the world of whisky and always had at least one of their expressions in my cabinet. In recent years though, I have experienced a bit of…

@KRB80By @KRB803 months ago 6 187

Talisker 10 Year Old / Old Presentation

Yup, it’s Talisker! Talisker 10 Year Old / Old Presentation

Talisker… it’s always something to look out for, I must say. This is the classic Talisker 10, but it has been sitting in the bottle for over two decades. It’s the old, so-called ‘map label’ release from…

@markjedi1By @markjedi14 months ago 6 886

Talisker Neist Point

Sweet & Salty Talisker Neist Point

Last year I hosted a Talisker Masterclass in my neck of the woods. What we tasted was top notch, but this Talisker Neist Point was not in the line-up then. I had not even tasted this Travel Retail Exc…

@markjedi1By @markjedi14 months ago 1 086

Talisker Distillery Only 2007

Periwinkles Talisker Distillery Only 2007

No distillery visit is truly complete unless you bring home a distillery exclusive bottling, right? While I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Talisker myself, I have been able to secure this…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 months ago 5 189

Talisker 175th Anniversary

Mannequin Talisker 175th Anniversary

Talisker was founded in 1830. So in 2005 owner Diageo decided to have a commemorative release: the 175th Anniversary. Maureen Robinson, one of Diageo’s master blenders, composed this whisky with Talisker…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 months ago 2 189

Talisker 12 Year Old / Friends of Classic Malts

Mon Chéri Talisker 12 Year Old / Friends of Classic Malts

Contrary to the ‘classic’ 45.8% ABV, this special Talisker, bottled for the Friends of the Classic Malts, it bottled at 48%. It’s triple cask matured, meaning first in refill casks, then charred American…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 months ago 1 089

Talisker 25 Year Old / Bot.2013

Complex & Brutal Talisker 25 Year Old / Bot.2013

Early December I poured this Talisker 25 Year Old (the 2014 release) at a tasting. It was one of the highlights of the evening. Read on and I’m sure you’ll understand why.Surprisingly soft nose (for a…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 months ago 1 088

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