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Tamdhu's average rating is 82/100 from 35 reviews and 63 ratings

Tamdhu reviews

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Tamdhu 7 Year Old 2008 for MMM

WYSIWYG Tamdhu 7 Year Old 2008 for MMM

Several weeks ago, MMM launched its inaugural release in the Animals Series. It was The Ape, a powerful Craigellachie 2008. For this second release, we chose The Tiger, a young but very accessible Tamdhu…

@markjedi1By @markjedi18 years ago 0 082

Tamdhu 2006/2015 The Ultimate

Down here on the farm Tamdhu 2006/2015 The Ultimate

Looking for something affordable, enjoyable that can deliver that kick? You might just want to check if your local stockist has a Tamdhu on his shelves from the Dutch indy bottler Van Wees. Tamdhu and…

@PandemoniumBy @Pandemonium8 years ago 0 486

Tamdhu Batch Strength 001

Pretty Decent Tamdhu Batch Strength 001

I'll be honest. I think this is my first or second Tamdhu that I've tasted. If it's my second then the first one failed to impress me completely (even though I have a fantastic memory when it comes to…

@MaltActivistBy @MaltActivist8 years ago 0 487

Tamdhu 2004/2011 The Ultimate

Hot Marmalade Tamdhu 2004/2011 The Ultimate

This review features a 6yo Tamdhu 2004/2011 from Dutch Independent bottler Van Wees (the Ultimate). With an appealing old-school label and a more than generous pricetag: what's not to like? Maybe the…

@PandemoniumBy @Pandemonium9 years ago 0 088

Tamdhu 10 Year Old

Too good for blends? Tamdhu 10 Year Old

Tamdhu comes from Gaelic for “little dark hill”. This distillery was founded in 1897 and has been mothballed 3 times since. Located in the town of Knockano it is a distillery which finds most of its…

@tjbBy @tjb9 years ago 0 081

Tamdhu 11 Year Old 2002 '46' Malts of Scotland

Baked Pears Tamdhu 11 Year Old 2002 '46' Malts of Scotland

This bottling by Malts of Scotland fits in the so-called ‘46’-range, in which MoS deviates from the principle of bottling at cask strength, but rather cuts the whisky to the drinking strength of 46%. I…

@markjedi1By @markjedi19 years ago 0 082

Tamdhu 10 Year Old

Candied Ginger Tamdhu 10 Year Old

Since Ian MacLeod took over the distillery, the Tamdhu range has been overhauled with a completely new, rather retro look. The entry level malt is this Tamdhu 10 Year Old, matured on sherry casks. I put…

@markjedi1By @markjedi19 years ago 0 081

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