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Té Bheag's average rating is 81/100 from 7 reviews and 31 ratings

Té Bheag reviews

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Té Bheag Nan Eilean

Little Lady of the Isles Té Bheag Nan Eilean

An unchilfiltered blended whisky that’s e150 free (from the looks of it) and quite easy on the wallet.Nose: Sweet ripe spice, with very faint fruit and bitter chocolate. Light toffee and butterscotch…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg6 years ago 0 089

Té Bheag Nan Eilean

There's no shame in grain... Té Bheag Nan Eilean

Té Bheag seems to fare quite well in some circles, and I was interested to try a bottle for myself when I saw it at the reasonable price of CAD $15 at a local supermarket. That was only two months ago…

@hunggarBy @hunggar6 years ago 1 082

Té Bheag Nan Eilean

A must try Té Bheag Nan Eilean

This bottle is not a regular in my cabinet, but once every year and a half or so, I'll get a bottle on a whim and be reminded of how good it is. This whisky is not chill filtered and probably doesn't use…

FBy @Frank17 years ago 0 084

Té Bheag Nan Eilean

A Wee Dram Té Bheag Nan Eilean

"A Wee Dram" is apparently the English translation of the Gaelic name - colour is light-to-medium amber. Very grainy nose, with cereal, yeast, straw and citrus. Taste of malt and honey, with some lard…

@talexanderBy @talexander8 years ago 0 385

Té Bheag Nan Eilean

A Real Gem Té Bheag Nan Eilean

Te Bheag (Apparently pronounced: "chey vek") is a blended "gaelic whisky" - as the label asserts - which is very much a west coast highland blend. There is no age statement, but the label clearly states…

@BravadoBy @Bravado9 years ago 0 384

Té Bheag Nan Eilean

Best Blended Scotch ? Té Bheag Nan Eilean

I'm going to to out on a limb and say that this is the best blended scotch for it's price.I paid $32.00 Cdn for this I'm amazed at it's complexity and richness ... In fact, it's better than some of the…

@LeBudfrumHullBy @LeBudfrumHull9 years ago 0 485

Té Bheag Nan Eilean

Blended Confidential Té Bheag Nan Eilean

Té Bheag (pronounced “chey vek”) is a blended scotch whisky, the source materials drawn from unnamed West Coast and Speyside distilleries, blended and bottled by Pràban na Linne of the Isle of Skye. Some…

@dbkBy @dbk9 years ago 0 483

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