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Vintage's average rating is 90/100 from 3 reviews and 7 ratings

Vintage reviews

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Vintage Bourbon 17 Year Old

Old KBD Bourbon Vintage Bourbon 17 Year Old

The reviewed bottle has been open 2 1/2 years, is 90% full, and preserved with inert gas for the last year. This Kentucky Bourbon Distillers product contains no batch information. The review is of the…

@VictorBy @Victor10 years ago 0 390

Vintage Bourbon 17 Year Old

The Family Secret Vintage Bourbon 17 Year Old

Vintage Bourbon 17 year-old is a product of the Vintage Bourbon Company, itself a brand of the Kulsveen family’s Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. Other products in their portfolio include Noah’s Mill, Row…

@dbkBy @dbk13 years ago 0 085

Vintage Bourbon 17 Year Old

Bourbon With a Soul Vintage Bourbon 17 Year Old

I had been passively looking for Vintage 17 Bourbon, and its cousins from the same distillery, for quite some time. Then while recently traveling, I decided to stop in for a browse at a spirit store…

@AboutChoiceBy @AboutChoice13 years ago 0 898

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