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Wathen's average rating is 86/100 from 3 reviews and 5 ratings

Wathen's reviews

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Worth searching for Wathen's

This is a wonderful Single Barrel Bourbon that is distilled in Owensboro, Kentucky. I can only find it in one store near where I live, so it is worth finding. It sells for $35 US and can probably be…

@MisterDiggerBy @MisterDigger10 years ago 0 095


Wathen's Single Barrel # 1303 Wathen's

Intro: This is my second reviewed bottle of Wathen's Single Barrel Bourbon. My sister bought a bottle of Wathen's Single Barrel from barrel #1296 which I thought was great, so I bought this bottle from…

@VictorBy @Victor12 years ago 0 1077


Wathen's Single Barrel # 1296 Wathen's

Wathen's Single Barrel Bourbon is currently distilled by the Medley family at the Charles Wathen Medley Distillery in Owensboro, Kentucky. The Medley family has been in the whiskey business since 1788…

@VictorBy @Victor12 years ago 0 590

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