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By @markjedi1 @markjedi1 on 5th Mar 2012, show post

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markjedi1 replied

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 378: Wolfburn Private Cask 2017/540 for Tom Haseldonckx

In February 2019 I tried this whisky before it could be named as such. The cask was filled in November 2017, so it would take at least until November 2020 before it was worthy of the name. Tom Haseldonckx, owner of this private cask #540, did not want to risk any Brexit entanglements and had it bottled and shipped before year’s end. So it is a youngling, which could not be helped. That does not stop us from enjoying this, however. I will keep some water handy, for it’s at cask strength.

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