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By @markjedi1 @markjedi1 on 5th Mar 2012, show post

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markjedi1 replied

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 454: Kavalan Distillery Reserve Rum Cask

When I visited Taiwan in January 2019, I brought two Distillery Reserve releases from the Kavalan Distillery: a Peaty Cask and a Rum Cask. The Peaty Cask stayed in Belgium, the Rum Cask went to Holland. But when my buddy Manny saw my tasting notes online, he decided to bring his bottle with him on his next visit to Belgium to open it up together. That’s what friends are for.

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markjedi1 replied

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 455: Milk & Honey 2018 Single Cask for the Barrel Baron

I had the privilege of tasting this from Marcel in November last year. Not that he needed my opinion to decide whether or not to bottle it. This whisky speaks for itself from the first to the last drop. But how nice that The Barrel Baron – who after all can still be considered 'a new kid on the block' – has gotten hold of this beautiful cask.

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markjedi1 replied

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 456: Milk & Honey Apex Cognac Casks

Apex means top, with which the Master Distiller of Milk & Honey, Tomer Goren, wants to indicate that these whiskies are among the best of what he has already created. There are currently several expressions: Cognac, Rum, White Wine, Pomegranate Wine, Peated STR Cask and the acclaimed Dead Sea. Today I taste their Cognac Cask, which is actually their Classic which was given a finish on former casks of an undisclosed small cognac house.

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Nozinan replied

@markjedi1, Your Milk & Honey reviews make me quite envious and I love to live vicariously through them. I’ve only tried one each of the Apex and Elements series’, though I have 2 of the latter pending.

I had the fortune to visit the distillery in 2019, and though I was not able to fit their premium tour times into my schedule, I mentioned Connosr and after the regular tour (and everyone else left) they took me into a special barrel room where I got to taste some whiskies straight from the cask. Of course I also filled my own distillery bottling which is quite good.

In general the Apex bottles that have made it to Canada are not in my price range ( I got the pomegranate cask on sale). I let the Dead Sea one go. Perhaps in the future if I visit the distillery again I might be able to try a similar expression…

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markjedi1 replied

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 457: BenRiach 14 Year Old 2008 Art Malts

Art Malts, aka my good friend Steven Ver Eecke, does it again... only 36 bottles of this 14-year-old BenRiach saw the light of day. And will you look at that color! This is from a bourbon barrel, mind you. Amazing. I got to taste it in preview at the cozy festival When Whisky Meats BBQ (no typo). I hurried to order it. Enjoy!

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markjedi1 replied

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 458: A Trio of Lindores

Last summer the long-awaited first release of this new Lowland distillery appeared (at least the one that was made available to the general public), a vatting of bourbon, sherry and wine casks. At the end of the year another bottling was released: The Casks Lindores ‘Bourbon’. And just now we got our hands of the 1494 Members Release that contains malt that matured on quarter casks. That makes for a very interesting head-to-head tasting, I’d say.

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markjedi1 replied

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 459: Lindores Exclusive Casks: Bourbon vs Sherry

Lindores, like many other distilleries, also started releasing single casks. The first two – a bourbon cask and a sherry butt – are the ones that I would like to try. It’s not a veritable head-to-head, of course, for they are quite different.

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markjedi1 replied

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 460: Strathenry 5 Year Old 2016 Carter’s Whisky

Strathenry? Never heard of it. InchDairnie? Huh? Carter's Whisky? Uh... who is that? Don't panic! InchDairnie is a new distillery, built in 2014, with the aim of providing some blenders with enough malt whisky for their product. They will not bring their own whisky, which they understandably call InchDairnie, to the market until 2029. They have named the recipe for the blenders Strathenry and MEUG, the most fun Flemish taste agency, has been able to get hold of a cask. And who is Carter, you ask? Carter's Whisky is a delightful pun on ‘kaarterswhisky’, which is Flemish for ‘card players’ whisky', referring to the utter drinkability of this malt.

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markjedi1 replied

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 461 : Invergordon 49 Year Old 1972 The Roots

A new Belgian bottler has emerged: The Roots. But Joren Nuyts, the sympathetic guy behind this new brand, will not limit himself to whisky. We can also expect other spirits, he told me. And he immediately put his money where his mouth was, because his first release concerns triplets: a Scottish grain, a very old cognac and a solid rum. What? The first release is not Scottish single malt? Gutsy! I immediately put those triplets on the lips, curious as I am. I start with the grain, an Invergordon of no less than 49 years old, distilled when the undersigned was a toddler of 2.

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RianC replied

@markjedi1 - nice review and they sound like a promising independent bottler.

One of the finest whiskies I've ever had was a 42 year old Invergordon. It was like a fruit bomb but with so much else going on. Amazing stuff! This sounds just like I remembered that one being.


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