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Reviews by @JohnoftheYard

Lagavulin 16 Year Old

Feel the pain, feel alive. Lagavulin 16 Year Old

This whisky takes no prisoners and is not for new comers.This is possibly the most powerful smelling of all the quality Islay malts, so much smoke and heat and a lovely hit of salt.Drinking this neat is…

@JohnoftheYardBy @JohnoftheYard10 years ago 0 180

Bailie Nicol Jarvie 8 Year Old

Quality blend Bailie Nicol Jarvie 8 Year Old

It saddens me when I hear people say they don't like blends, when really what they mean is they don't know anything about quality blends and so just tar all blended whiskies with the same brush.This is…

@JohnoftheYardBy @JohnoftheYard11 years ago 0 070

Rosebank 1991 bottled 2008

Your last chance Rosebank 1991 bottled 2008

Rosebank fell silent in 1993 so this may well be the last reasonably priced Rosebank on the market at between £42 and £48 of your hard earned cash.On the nose we have some mild citrus notes a little…

@JohnoftheYardBy @JohnoftheYard11 years ago 0 265

Dalmore Cigar Malt

Christmas cake in a glass Dalmore Cigar Malt

Sadly no longer in production thanks to Whyte and Mackay's general buffonary this wonderful dram is one my personal favorites.More of an after dinner sipper than for a session with friends the nose is…

@JohnoftheYardBy @JohnoftheYard11 years ago 0 580

Ardbeg Supernova

A bit of a gimmick this I'm afraid. Ardbeg Supernova

I'm a fan of Ardbeg and I've tasted most of the range that is generally available and like to think I know a little bit about whisky and so I know this review may seem a bit controversial.On the nose I'm…

@JohnoftheYardBy @JohnoftheYard11 years ago 0 640