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Reviews by @RikS

Connemara Peated

A bit...pointless Connemara Peated

After having seen a big variance and a few rather positive reviews of this one, I decided to pick one up on a whim as I spotted it on special offer as I was walking through Heathrow airport. Colour:…

RBy @RikS5 years ago 5 1274

Stalla Dhu Islay

Stalla Dhu "Islay" Stalla Dhu Islay

So, I'm walking to a meeting in London as I pass by a small tobacco store that also had a few bottles of whisky in the shop window. Threw a glance.. Brora 37... Glendronach 25... huh!? Even though the…

RBy @RikS5 years ago 5 186