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Amrut Peated Single Malt Whisky

Average score from 7 reviews and 13 ratings 83

Amrut Peated Single Malt Whisky

Product details

  • Brand: Amrut
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 46.0%

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Amrut Peated Single Malt Whisky

A week or so ago my friend Richard Culver came by with some peaty whiskies - we actually did a big Ardbeg side-by-side but we also had some other fantastic drams. I kept samples of Octomore 6.3 (which I reviewed a few days ago), Laphroiag 18 and this one, the Amrut Peated.

The colour is a yellowish gold. On the nose there is very soft peat wrapped in butterscotch, lemon curd, Granny Smith, musty bookshelf and crisp malt. Slightly leathery. Some tropical fruits. Better with water as some campfire notes emerge. Very nice balance between spice, peat and malt.

On the palate the peat is well into the background, letting butterscotch, vanilla and sweet barley sugar take the foreground. Gentle spices. Touch of oak. The longer you hold it in the mouth, the stronger the peat becomes. Oilier and maltier with water. Delicious.

On the finish more spices emerge (allspice, cayenne) with a gentle pull of oak and some soft leather. Less of a powerhouse than some of the other Amrut expressions such as Fusion, Portonova or any of the cask strength bottlings, this is a terrific dram that is always a pleasure to drink.


Nose: Delicate peat. Mostly just that . . . peat. But not your Islay peat. No mud, dirt, or earthy peat. This is a medium peat . . . similar to what you get from Bruichladdich. This is a rocky peat or a hay peat. Maybe I will call this a dry peat . . . yes, that is it: desert peat. With time more malt comes through. That is more or less all there is: desert peat – pale, uninteresting and not complex. But enjoyable for peat’s sake.

Taste: Malty, very malty. Maybe a hint of salt, oak and peat smoke. Nothing off or bitter or soapy.

Finish: Big malty finish with a searing peat smoke on the end. No big wave with white caps. Again this is very simple smoke and peat with big malty notes. I would have to say that this is a slightly bigger finish then the Fusion but without the wave. The Fusion was a big intake of breath followed by a small wave. This was just a big malty finish with a peat smoked trim ending. There is a slightly bitter oak ending along side the peat. But I liked that. Still, it is nothing compared to a big 3 finish. So medium long?

Balance, Complexity: Almost zero complexity. This is only peat and malt. I am a fan of both but I will have to take away points here. The balance is a bit off in that the nose promises peat with hints of malt. The taste delivers malt with only the barest hint of peat. And the finish is, I guess, the promise of the nose with only a footnote to the palat. Well, I guess it is a nice Chiasm.

Color, Body, Aesthetic experience: Light hay: white wine (almost indistinguishable from the Fusion). Full bodied. Again there is so much to like here. As with the Fusion it states proudly that it is Indian while at the same time standing firmly in the Scottish tradition of whisky. I love the words “peated” on any label – it just gets my heart pumping. I even like the map of India on parchment here so half a point up. The ABV while 46% and awesome is less then the fusion 50%. So half a point down. Simple and classic.

Conclusion: This is a decent peat alternative. I liked the Cask Strength version much more. I think the higher ABV really helped with extra flavors. I saw this on sale recently for only $29.99 . . . I told myself, “Grab two bottles.” But I was in a hurry and there was a line. So I said I would go back for it . . . and time got away from me. Sadly, I am out with no bottles. For that price it is a steal. For $50 I will take the Fusion instead.


Nose: Starts very classic with malt , smoky bacon. Israeli BBQ Bisli snack. (if you are not an Israeli, better look here ) off to cinnamon, Earth. Wood and grape peel.

Palate: The palate is a bit peppery with that earthy peat from the nose making and entry here as well. after a few seconds it gets dusty and Bitter with wood Cumin but also a bit sweet as in sugar,red Apple and cereals.

Finish : Getting very earthy. Peat and Bitter wood, with the fruitiness almost gone.

This is a Rugged and Classic peated malt, if handed blindfold i would have guessed a peated Speysider or highlander (Benriach,Benromach etc) , with the cereal and fruit as well as the earthy dusty peaty feeling to it. Not bad!


I had so my thoughts about Indian whiskies. But I read enough good articles and reviews about Amrut. So I thought I will try them out. So I bought some miniatures of Amrut. I will not add them in my cabinet cause they are miniatures. If I love them than I surely will buy a bottle and than I will put it in my cabinet.

Here the review of the 'Peated Indian Single Malt Whisky'.

Nose: Good strong flowery fragrances, hot spices and good lighty peat in it. It is a good start!

Taste: Wow!! This is a good dram! Nicely peated, with aromatic spices, peppery and tropical fruits as pineapple and bananas in the aftertaste. Marvelous!

Finish: long, crisp with some slightly peat and fantastic aroma's of toffee and fine exotic fruits.

I must never have thoughts about this great 'Indian Enjoyment'. I surely will buy a bottle of this great exotic Indian whisky.


Very, very pale yellow. Nose is smoke/charcoal and seaweed, touch of the marine aromas. Distillery fresh, malted barley all the way around. Flavours are relatively mellow and sweet in the citrus area with more charcoal on the finish.


Until a few years ago, many people had never even heard of this Indian whisky, but now everybody seems to have the name Amrut on their lips. Not totally underserved, mind you. This is one helluva whisky. High time for me to try a couple of their bottlings. Let's start off with the 'regular' peated single malt.

The nose is quite Scottish with mild peat, vanilla and chalk. A trifle flowery and a tad spiced. If you leave it for a few minutes, it becomes a bit waxy as well. Very creamy, in fact.

The peat manifests itself nicely on the palate and serves as a wrapper for the green apples and exotic fruits. This is good stuff.

The finish is wonderfully long, although it offers nothing new. Peated fruit.

It may still come as a surprise to many, but Amrut has in fact won quite a few international awards. When tasting this whisky, the first words that came to mind were 'no surprise there'.


Peated version, reminds me of Laphroaig 15 Y.

Citrussy, almond extracts, malty, smoke underpinning the fruitiness. Very well balanced

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