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Ardbeg Corryvreckan

Beware of sharp objects

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@alteredstateReview by @alteredstate

16th May 2013


Ardbeg Corryvreckan
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The Corryvreken's mystical bottle design portends ominous tidings indeed! As I huddle in my dark drafty cave and gaze upon my row of potential drams by the dim flickering candlelight, i find myself peering apprehensively at the ancient black label with twisted lettering that almost seems to swirl. What sorcery is this?

Unbiddingly, the nectar is poured and a sense of impending doom overomes my senses...

Nose: Wafts of clorox bleach. Pungent overripe orchard fruit with slight sulfur notes. Sharp sea air. Lemon pinesol. (A must: let empty glass sit for a while, then nose it...just awesome aroma!)

Palate: 'In yo face' sharp and bitter notes with salt 'n pepper. Upfront smokiness with peat in background. Sweet and savory nonetheless with a touch of speyside. Mouthfeel is moderately thick.

Finish: oven-baked bread, sweet and salty. A surprisingly clean finish with lingering smokiness.

Overall: Need to brace yourself for this dram in my opinion. A potent brew indeed. Watch your fingers and toes while climbing on the rocky bluff in the swirling storm.

Comparisons: Compared to Lagavulin 12CS, it is more rounded with a speyside-like sweetness, but not as well integrated and lacking some depth. The Laphroiag Quarter Cask is much more approachable, but with really no depth and too sweet. In isolation, all are enjoyable drams, but is fascinating how different they really are when compared directly. No water was ever added to any drams.

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indynoir commented

Interesting you didn't add any water...I usually don't either. The Corryvreckan was probably my favorite whisky for a while but now I find it so dense since stumbling onto the Quarter Cask...and I'm almost more inclined to the QC..as you describe it is more approachable. Maybe I need to add some water to the Corryvreckan.

11 years ago 0

alteredstate commented

I didn't like water at first with the Corrie as it seemed to thin things out a bit too much, but maybe i should revisit adding water, just less of it. Good idea!

11 years ago 0