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Arran Amarone Cask Finish

A scotch or not?

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@noryeplsReview by @noryepls

31st Dec 2010


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Color: pinkish hue.

Nose: Amarone finish seems evident.

Palate entry: Mildly spirity and the Amarone finish in the nose is clearly evident with a very light mouth feel.

Mid Palate: Gains a bit of spice and warmth in the mouth, the barest hint of wood makes an appearance and the Amarone finish gains a bit of strength and picks up a slight tang.

Finish: Ends with a burst of flavor, plums or dates, fading to a medium duration drying cereal.

This is from my third sampling of this bottle and definitely the most satisfying with much more character being apparent. The balance is very good with no taste element over taking another but rather flowing and merging nicely on their jouney through the palate.

While I picked up more scotch taste notes this time around they seem secondary to the taste notes of the Amarone finish leaving me a bit wanting as it strikes me more as an Amarone wine with a scotch finish than a scotch with an Amarone finish. A subperbly crafted spirit none the less.

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noryepls commented

I've finished the bottle and thought I'd add a note that the character of this scotch changed some time after opening it. I decided I needed some space in my scotch cupboard and decided to finish drinking it about 6 months after I first opened it and was pleasantly surprised to find it actually tasted like a scotch with grain and wood notes to balance out the amarone wine finish. Now that it actually tasted like a scotch to me the contents of the bottle seemed to empty much too quickly and I'm rather sad that it's all gone now but I don't want to replace it not knowing how long after it opens before it will taste like a scotch to me again or if it was just a peculiarity of the batch my bottle was from.

11 years ago 0

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