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Video: #ConnosrAsks - Community questions for High West Distillery

By @Pierre28th Jun 2017
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The first in a new series of #ConnosrAsks videos – with questions for High West Distillery from the Connosr community

A special thanks to @Victor, @Nelom & @CaskTime who submitted questions for this video. If you like this format or have any suggestions for future videos we'd love to hear thoughts.

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Video transcript:

So, the question is, are we going to expand distribution into Canada?

And the plan is yes, over time. Right now we are with a larger company that will help us expand distribution so hopefully within the next two years you'll be able to find more High West products in Canada.

So for Silver Western Oat we’re only basically going to be selling it at 80 proof. There are no plans to sell a high proof version. If you really love it, Victor, you'll have to come up here and chat to Brendan about seeing if you can get another taste. Will roll out the red carpet for him!

So, the question is, has our acquisition by Constellation Brands affected the whiskey making? And the answer is no.

Brendan Coyle, as well as his team, are still intact and making great whiskey. Constellation understands that there is something special up in Park City and in Wanship and they want to enhance what we are doing not necessarily change it. It's great, I think the brand will be strong for years to come.

With regards to sales and marketing, having a larger sales organisation and having a bigger distributor network will only help grow the brand and we will have additional resources from a marketing standpoint to grow as well. So it's all for the good.

So, the question is, do we plan releasing older whiskeys in the future like our Rocky Mountain Rye 21 and Rocky Mountain Rye 16.

The answer is, we hope so, and we would love to because they are great products. What influences that is our ability to get really good, high-quality 16-year-old or 21-year-old ryes. Or, having things that are 12-years that we can age up to that 16-year level.

So, the question is, now that we are producing our own whiskeys – and we are currently sourcing – are we going to continue to have our own? Or continue with sourced?

And the idea is that we are going to continue with the brands and products that we currently have, and just enhance them with what we're producing. If you're a fan we're still going to have a product that you love.


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