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Crown Royal

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Crown Royal

Product details

  • Brand: Crown Royal
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 40.0%
  • Bottled: 2012

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Crown Royal

On ice at Marquis, Pointe-Claire (Montreal.) It pours honey-hued, some amber shades. Aroma is sweetish indeed: caramel, Bazooka Joe bubble gum, speculoos biscuit. A hint of black pepper as well. Mouthfeel is slick, dense, warm. Soft and velvety long finish (yet pungent.)


Back in college, doing shots of Crown was a big deal. And then I grew up. I haven't had Crown in probably 20+ years, but decided to try it the other night at dinner with my wife. I got a generous pour, with one ice cube. With my first sip, I knew I would have to grin and bear it. There is "some" whiskey flavor on the initial sip, with a slight amount of alcohol burn. But after that, it's totally not memorable. Maybe I should have had it neat, as watering down a light whiskey like this just muted whatever flavors are there. I don't have much more to say other than it's light, with some hints of caramel and leather, and a very short finish that disappears quickly in the mouth. I've seen people say it's a good mixer or to have on the rocks, but I just feel there would be no whiskey flavor in the drink whatsoever were it mixed or heavily iced,

@Nozinan, if that was your point, why not just ask which Crown Royal was being reviewed here by the good @mhock66?

Instead, you make sarcastic comments. You call his review a "non-review." And you suggest that instead of giving his honest opinion of a whisky he recent drank, he's trying to paint all Canadian whisky as bad whisky. No, wait—you claim to be too polite to say the thing you said.

WTF, man?

And I see in Connosr's useful "Related Crown Royal Reviews" links above on this very page that plenty of other established Connosr folks have reviewed plain old "Crown Royal" without bothering to explain that it was the basic one that everyone damn well knows you're talking about if you just say "Crown Royal." Did you give all them shit too? Even without clicking to verify, I'm 100% sure you didn't.

@mhock66, I liked your review and I look forward to seeing more opinions of yours—maybe next time for a whisky you like. wink

@Nozinan that does make my eye twitch just a bit.


Hola Ladies and Gentlemen as its been awhile. In order to get back into things I've decided to start a little easier. Incoming Crown Royal Original ( Classic Purple Bag). Forgive me if my notes may or may not be "off"

40% ABV

Color: Bronze/ Burnt orange-gold

Nose: Light and fleeting especially after the initial wave of vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar. Bits of cinnamon apple wanders through, not the candies version more like a pie or crumble.

Body: Medium-Light. Minimal tongue burn (Indicating a young-ish drop?)

Taste: A soft slightly bitter oak beginning evolving into a few fall/winter baking spices (cinnamon and cloves). Creamy/oily notes of cashews and walnuts.

Finish: Medium/short, drying and warming. Notes of continued oak and walnuts with a dab of cinnamon.

Overall: Not bad. Not flying off of the shelf for my go to anytime soon though.


There’s only one distributor that I know of that sells Crown Royal in Taiwan. Being Canadian, this stuff is hardly new to me. But I haven’t tasted it in years, so I was keen to retry it my now that my palate has become more, um… refined? (ahem)

Nose: Bourbony, with rye spices, grain, vanilla, banana, sawdust, grapefruit pith, and just a touch of maple.

Palate: Rye, corn malt, maple, oak, and wood chips. The flavours are reasonably vibrant and fresh.

Finish: Cloves, corn malt, vanilla, maple, dried banana, rye, grain, and faint eucalyptus. The graininess is pleasant, albeit a bit unrefined.

I expected to dislike this more than I do. Perhaps it’s the rarity of rye in Asia, but I’m digging the “polite” Canadian profile. As it’s cheap with a low abv, this makes a nice after work dram in summer, particularly with ice. It isn't as luxurious as the Limited Edition that’s sitting in my cabinet, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a bit less showy, if that makes any sense. Not intense or challenging, but straight-forward and enjoyable. Shame about the horrible bottle, though.

Hah, maybe. I don't think many people approach CR with high expectations.

Very good point, though. Some of my favorite whiskies are mild-mannered, inexpensive, or young(ish). Whisky and snobbery mix poorly.

Is "I expected to dislike this more than I do." damning with faint praise?

Sure, you can like mild-mannered drams and don't really need to feel guilty about it.

But, when you go back to Canada, you will have a lot more waiting for you than Crown Royal.


Canada's number 1 whisky leads with a nose full of bourbon nuances, stewed fruit, and caramelized oak. A bit sour and bitter, at times, unfortunately. On the taste, there is lots of corn influence with some ginger, vanilla, orange - pleasant. Finishes with a touch of dry spice and a bit of acidity. Very common as a mixer, and there's good reason why - light, versatile, and with lots of nuances.

more of my notes at: whiskywon.wordpress.com/2014/06/…


Bourbon fanatic or Scotch zealot, you eventually grow curious of whisk(e)y from other regions. About a year ago I became interested to try some Canadian whiskey. I'd already tried the entry level Canadian Club and found it to taste too sweet and unchallenging. And when it comes to Canadian whiskey, there isn't much choice in Australia.

Enter Crown Royal. The art deco styled decanter leaps off the shelf with its stylish and classic look. How can I say no? The emphasis on presentation continues. Open the box and the bottle is in a nice purple and gold pouch with the brand name embroidered on the front. Open the lid and it's screw cap! Didn't expect that (I'm not watering my drink with tears either).

Source: 750ml bottle Glass: Glencairn

Nose: Strong on rye and light vanilla flirting with maple. I let it sit for an hour to see if the nose opens up, I get a bit of citrus and white pepper.

Taste: Uncomplicated, smooth and goes does very easy. At first I was going to write this off as uncomplicated, but there is certainly a depth of flavour going on here. Sweetness, maple syrup, oak and gentle spices.

Finish: Medium to short. A unique pleasant sour after taste lingers on the sides of the tongue. It makes me want more.

I'd call this an “after entry” level drink for someone new to whisk(e)y. It offers enough to challenge the palette yet remains safe. I understand this drink is popular for mixing. It's terribly smooth and I fear adding anything will dilute the flavour to the point of being one dimensional.

@paddockjudge thank you for the feedback on my first review. I appreciate the tips on whisky too - I always appreciate a tip off! Unfortunately I'm yet to see any other Crown Royal's here aside from the standard expression. Interesting you mention Sazerac Royal Canadian Small Batch. There are a few specialty whisky stores around and I'm confident I saw a Sazerac bottle, but I can't recall which expression. I will make a point to go and investigate further.

p.s. being my first review for Connosr I realised I can't edit my review aside for the score. I poured another glass after my review and noted also the taste of pine in the dram. I better drink two before my next review.

@Frost Nice job on the Crown Royal. The CR Special Reserve is a cut above. Sazerac Royal Canadian Small Batch is similar to the 1970's 'old school' CR Limited Edition, which was stellar. I think you would approve of these - hopefully affordable in OZ at 40% abv.


...gets an acorn once in a while." Also Sprach my father once to his sightless boss. Fortunately he was on very good terms with his boss at the time

Usually I find minis to be at least a bit suspect for quality, and usually standard Crown Royal bores me to tears. This review is yet another to highlight the variation and surprise that can be found in the world of whisky. This review is from one of many minis I bought on the cheap ($ 1.09 including the tax is about 1/3 what a Crown Royal mini costs in Ontario, Canada) for their re-usable plastic bottles, sturdy for re-use on long trips

Nose: very spicy with rye baking spice flavours, very sweet...really a fine Canadian whisky nose

Taste: my, oh my! I've never had standard Crown Royal taste so good! Very spicy, crisp, and sweet, fairly decent wood, and the slightest hint of wine flavours...and this, from a mini!

Finish: medium to medium-long; it stays quite nice for the duration

Balance: standard Crown Royal should always taste like this. Sadly I do not expect it to...it never has before....


Around 1875 the first settlers from Iceland founded the city of Gimly on the western shores of Lake Winnipeg. Today, it is still a small community of around 6000 souls. A little away from the fishing harbour you will find Gimly Distillery – or Diageo Global Supply Gimly Plant as it is now know. It boasts 46 warehouses where no less than 1.5 million casks are maturing, including the stuff that will be bottled as Crown Royal.

I get some light vanilla, but loads of rye on the nose. It has something old, but I cannot put the finger on it. Loads of rye means lots of spices. This nose reminds me of an American rye whiskey. Light hint of licquorice and citrus.

Slightly oily on the palate with maple syrup, corn on the cob and mild oak. Dried banana as well. Very sweet, indeed.

The finish is longer than expected and even a bit smoky.

Well, expectations were low, I admit, so this blend is a pleasant surprise. I am sure this would make for a good mixer. Merci, Jean-Francois, for the sample.

Crown Royal is what a high percentage of Manitobans started drinking with and continue to do, very few drink it straight most cut with cola or ginger ale. Way to sweet for my taste. FYI: Originally blended for The reigning monarch King George VI, and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, who visited Canada in 1939. Crown Royal was introduced that year by Samuel Bronfman, President of Seagram as a tribute to the royal visit (hence the name). Crown Royal is produced solely at the Crown Royal distillery at Gimli, on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was available only in Canada until 1964.

I am not a huge fan of it myself but always keep some in a decanter on the bar for friends that come over and mix drinks.


Hiding somewhere behind my girlfriend's wine collection, I found a small, dusty bottle of Crown Royal. Intended as a gift for her brother (but forgotten), I cracked it open, never having had it before. My low-to-medium expectations were met. A medium amber colour, thinly bodied, the aroma was the typical Canadian vanilla, with some citrus and licorice. Taste was rich and sweet with some oak, fruit and corn. Somewhat medicinal as well. A long, smoky finish. Slightly more complex than I was expecting, to be honest, but nothing to get excited about (though apparently the Special Reserve is pretty great).


Color: Amber, Clover Honey

Nose: Drying, yeasty, faint vanilla

Body: Light-medium

Taste: Medicinal, dried banana and fruits

Finish: Short, drying and astringent, faint smokiness

Overall: One of the lightest whiskey's I have had, wouldn't drink on its own, very very light, little to no flavor.


Nose is dry and somewhat grapey. Fruity at first taste but peaks out with spices and becomes bitter. Perhaps a blending problem that could be corrected in years to come. Still a very decent whiskey.


Sometimes, friends ask me: 'what whisky should I give for this or that event?' Most of all when they don't know whether another friend they are visiting likes whisky at all. Quite often I should recommend a bottle that impresses and one the host doesn't have in the cabinet.

Well, this one impresses and chances are the host won't have it in the cabinet. Even though I am rather a single malt guy, I don't know (so far) about another whisky creating this kind of sense impressions. To me it's maple and a creamy vanilla that makes this bottle stand out above the crowd. It always reminds me of wonderful moments in Canada. Give it a shot if you'd like to taste something else for a change.


I'll get back to you with a decent review, later... In the meantime: "It's just a shame there is only one comment about this creation so far."

In closing for now an airport tip: "Never forget about looking for limited editions in the transit zones when waiting for a plain! When there's no bottle on our sacred shelf, I am missing something..."

I don't mind commenting on one of my favorite whiskies. I would appreciate auto responders in datbase scripts to properly reflect these favorites in the headers though.

This way, I hope you now all know I was talking about 'Crown Royal'.

Croftengea Croftengea? Never heard about it! Did I miss something?

Hello John mc windows, you are recognised...wellcome to the club !


Crown Royal is an old standby for me; something that I still enjoy casually, usually on the rocks or mixed, but I rarely sit down and have it neat. I figured it's time to give it a proper assessment.

The nose is fairly big, with lots of maple syrup aromas jumping out of the glass immediately. There's also a bit of pine wood and some toasted pine nuts. It has a fairly light body; heavier than the Glenmorangie 10 I reviewed but lighter than the Jameson in terms of oiliness.

On the palate there is a bit of caramel to start, and then it ramps up it's intensity into burnt wood, maple sugar and the like. It's almost reminiscent of a light rum at this temperature because it is so sweet. On the finish I get lots of cinnamon and caramel, but not a whole lot else.

I'd say this is not my favorite whisky neat, but I do still like this on the rocks; the coldness must intensify some of the notes while quieting others. It's a personal preference, but I probably would not recommend drinking this neat, this definitely calls for ice or a mixer of some sort. Does that mean it's bad? Not even a little bit, it's just not ideal by itself.

The Special Reserve is a wonderful whisky. Give it a try if you like this one and are more of a scotch fan.

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