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Dalmore Gran Reserva

Average score from 3 reviews and 10 ratings 79

Dalmore Gran Reserva

Product details

  • Brand: Dalmore
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 40.0%

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Dalmore Gran Reserva

Years ago Dalmore launched the Cigar Malt, but replaced that around 2009 with this Gran Reserva. By now, that is also discontinued, only to be replaced again by the new Cigar Malt Reserve. Although fans tell me it does not really showcase the same quality as the predecessor. Well, let me try this Gran Reserva, bottled in 2016.

The first smell I experience is malted barley, joined by some freshly sawed wood. The sherry influence on the nose is quite limited. Some oranges and cloves, brown bread and almond shavings. Unfortunately I have to admit that I find this nose underwhelming.

The body is fine, nicely oily. On the palate I get some more sherry in the guise of raisin bread, vanilla, orange marmalade and purple candy. Hint of chocolate, hint of oak. This is much better than the nose, but still far from… Gran.

In the rather short finish the raisins and purple candy lingers. Even turns a bit soapy on lavender.

They say this goes well with a cigar, but I do not smoke cigars. This is mediocre at best. Thx, Pat.


Nose: sherry notes are the first to come out, followed by just a touch of smoke, balanced by a hint of saltiness.

Body: Medium-light body

Palate: The saltiness that was perceptible on the nose comes out a bit, bringing pepper into the mix. It is noticeably missing the big sherry notes that I would expect from this whisky. Where did the butterscotch, caramel and vanilla go? Perhaps I am tasting this on a bad day, and something I have eaten has changed this whisky's profile. All I know is that I am disappointed.

Finish:The finish is long, with slight sherry notes coming out.


Nose: heather and dark chocolate. Rather malty. Orange marmelade. Cake. Hints of sherry and oak. Roasted coffee beans. Mouth: slightly weakish but rich enough. Heather again. Orange notes. Caramel as well (too bad). Vague smoke. Finish: mixture of coffee, dry oloroso sherry and hints of vanilla.

I have been gifted a bottle of this whisky which I have found most enjoyable. I have had visitors staying who have all been tasting this Dalmore Gran Reserva, as well as the Dalmore 12 year old and the Dalmore King Alexander. Well we have decided to call them the "holy trinity". This whisky is a beautifully smooth and elegant dram, with a lovely nose and very pleasant lingering after taste you do not want to go away. I have to get some more of this wonderful whisky and recommend you do to-it wont disappoint - I promise you!!

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